Selfie stick? That’s not enough.

I am sure you know what is a selfie stick and how you should use it. Nowadays it is all about making photos, everywhere and as many as we can!

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At the beginning it was awkward to be caught while making a selfie. Maybe not for all of us but for me it was really awkward moment and I wanted to eliminate such situations. Then everything changed when selfie sticks appeared on the market. Even before them we all knew that making photos not only on vacations is just a normal situation. Using selfie stick everything became more easier and common.

Selfie stick is great and helps but this post is going to show you that selfie stick was nothing comparing to this new product invented by a group of students. I am talking about 3-Axis Stabilizer! 

It’s not just about the photos, it’s more about the videos you can make by using this product to make the job done. There is no way somebody could complain about this product because it is easy to use, it’s small so you can always be ready to film whatever you want to and be ready for it all the time!

Some specs about the product:

Creators are describing their products as “luxuriously smooth video for the Modern Creators”. It means that even though you don’t have the best filming skills you can still use this stabiliser which will allow you catch all moments and film them just the way you see them. This stabilizator is for both – professional videographer as well as amateurs.

With this product you can film it all because the battery life is up to 8 hours! All you need is stabilizator and your smartphone which is always with you, isn’t it?

Creators are normal people who loves extreme sports where filming their performance is the most awaited moment so that’s the reason they are saying that “your equipment shouldn’t limit your creativity”! With this words they created a new selfie stick which enables to film everything!

What is so special?

  • Super Smooth Servomotors & Self-Calibrating (your picture is moving smooth, without any crashes and cuts)

  • Ergonomic Design (stabilizator has access to your camera screen so you can react initially and control everything by using it)

  • Ultra Long Battery Life (up to 8 hours)

  • Aircraft Grade Aluminum (mady from 6061 aluminium, no plastic is used in whole device)

This product is now available on Kickstarter! If you are intrested on this topic you can read more about the product on:

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2 thoughts on “Selfie stick? That’s not enough.

  1. Viktor Paulsson says:

    I totally agree on what you say about the selfie stick, but the problem with the comparison of these two products is that the selfie stick target almost every human being living their daily lives or while travelling and exploring new places. I hardly doubt this filming tool is very relevant for people not doing any extreme sports, which it actually suits perfect for. Since it’s pretty big, it’s not something you carry around for potential video shooting when for instance travelling. Another thing is the price, since it’s said that it includes no less than three servomotors. 200-300€ is at least not something I would spend on this. What goes for a selfie stick, I would say that it costs approximately 10€. But as stated, probably extreme sporter’s might be interested. Cool product, but it would be interesting to see how profitable this business will be.

  2. Norbert Kruk says:

    Woow I was really happy when I saw this article that during this summer I was able to use it and it is really so much fun and the device is so amazing and practical. I really help a lot to record films. Now it is being used by many YouTubers and people who do sports a lot ( I mean do sports and share with it in professional videos). Regarding what Viktor said I will be also very happy to see how profitable this business is because they collect money so fast and the idea is wonderful.

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