The smarter way to get your alcohol

A smart decanter that can pour you whiskey on a single command. Good or bad? Apparently, the bourbon company Jim Beam is selling such a product and what’s not very surprising, it’s already sold out. The only feature this decanter includes is the delivery of whiskey when it’s asked for. It’s mentioned that it might respond to you with a couple of recorded phrases, but this is not what people needs. We wants our liquor and we wants it simple and easy. I have to admit it – I love this product.

As is discussed in the original article, this might be a marketing stunt performed by the company. I doubt it, but it cannot be taken out of consideration. However, if true, this adds an extra feature to drinking, and probably also encouraging yet another drink just because it’s entertaining to use it. At least until you’re familiar with the concept.

Nevertheless, I’m excited about the idea. Not only for home usage, but mainly for pubs. If enough effort is put into this area, the future bars and nightclubs will not need any bartenders. Who hasn’t stood in a line at a club waiting for a drink? I mean, if the drinks are pouring up themselves, there’s a potential of saving time. Hence, people can do whatever they do at clubs instead, and in the meantime the clubs can be more profitable. See, we are looking at a win-win situation.

This idea indeed comes with a bunch of issues. Not to mention the payment, but if the club has implemented self-serving bottles, one can assume that the transaction technology is enough developed at the time as well. Just to elaborate it through the current available technology, the customers can load an account with money upfront or just connect their regular RFID credit cards. Another issue is that it’s more difficult to control the servings of people. I know in some countries it’s illegal to serve persons that are too intoxicated, which indeed would cause some difficulties. But I guess it’s solved with an additional responsibility for the bouncers.

If you can afford it, these problems are avoidable if you establish a bar in your home for private use only. The setback, I can imagine, is that your home will be a victim for a lot of house parties. The thing is, I believe that people around the world are becoming lazier for every day. The most daily issues needs to be solved in the most optimal way, thus time and energy saving. The demand of services are constantly rising and companies are putting a lot of effort in making their products and services as easy as possible for the customers in order to outcompete the competition. The area of consuming alcohol is one that is not yet developed as much as other areas, for example the automatic car-sharing offerings. Hence, I clearly see a potential.

Authors note. It may appear to the readers that I’m glorifying the consumption of alcohol. Drinking alcohol comes with a lots of responsibility and I advocates you to follow the legislation of whichever country you are located in. End of note.

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One thought on “The smarter way to get your alcohol

  1. Avatar Agnieszka Ryszawa says:

    Hah idea about getting rid of bartenders sounds quite similar to what McDonald’s did – implemeting their “kiosks”.
    Tbh I rather enjoy going to get ice and pouring the drink myself from the bottle – doing it like that would just kill the ritual.
    I don’t think it has application in a typical cocktail bar or a pub – bartenders there are more than just people pouring you your chosen drink, they can advise on the choice, suggest something that goes well with it.
    But the idea is sound.

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