Nowadays people usually use credit cards to pay in shops, clubs, restaurants and other places. We can spend a lot of money just thanks to a little peace of plastic with a chip. That was a brilliant solution but now we have something even better than that. Fingopay is a completely new way of paying for your grocery!

Fingopay is a payment system where the only thing you need to have while making the transaction is your own finger, nothing else. This method is solving many problems. Firstly, you can be sure that you won’t forget your credit card or wallet so you will be always prepared to pay. More more awkward moments in gas station or grocery shops. Secondly, you can’t loose your finger so you can be sure that your money are save with you. Thirdly, there is no way that somebody will rob you.

But how it works, you might ask. Here is a wideo with an explanation:

The company’s head quarter is located in London where the production is launch since 2015. They have created in collaboration with hitachi a device that uses biometric Vein ID. Thanks to that it provide us with safest method of protecting our data because there is no higher mathematical certainty of proving someone’s identity. Fingopay has successfully completed trials with Visa and Worldpay. It’s safe, simple and reliable payment system.

Nowadays everything needs to be fast, consumers are getting frustrated and easily bored. Moreover we’re not a big fun of waisting our time in a queue. But here is the solusion also for that! No more PINs, passwords, cash or bank cards. The only thing you need is your finger. Whole paying process is smoother and quicker.

To use this device you need to go through 3 stages, the 1st one is that you have to register on the website and link your card with your finger when you are paying at a shop or other place equipped with Fingopay, then pay with your finger, and to finish you will receive the Payment confirmation by e-mail.

Here is a schema of the way it works

  • first you put your finger in the device
  • The LED light is projected on your finger
  • This light will go through your finger to the CCD camera that recognises you

It means that you need to be present. It won’t work if somebody will cut your finger and try to put it to device, pretending to be you. Still not convinced?

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4 thoughts on “Fingopay

  1. Gianluca Moneta says:

    Just a few days ago I signed up in a new gym and I was shocked when they explained to me that I did not need a member card but simply my finger to entry. I know that they are different areas, but I say this because I remember that my first thought was: “Really the technology is evolving so fast? Where will all this progress bring us?” and you probably wrote the answer to my suggestions. There are certainly considerations to be made such as understanding if this way it is easier to squander all their money (having a brake less) but I think the idea is really interesting and fun as well solving most of the problems related to traditional payment, so yes, you convinced me!

  2. Viktor Paulsson says:

    This indeed is a step into the future. Fingerprint payments will most likely occur in the years to come, nevertheless I’m not sure that it necessarily means that it will become safer. The technology is increasing everywhere, which could mean that the technology for hacking such innovations also will arise. I realize that it’s a bit more problematic to steal a finger than to steal a wallet or a credit card, but I doubt that no attempts of hacking these devices will occur. The first thing that comes in my mind is when the device actually realizes that the purchase is finished and a new customer is entering. With the right technique, perhaps one can trick the device somehow. Some comprehensive trial and error sessions is probably what’s left before it’s implemented in full scale.

  3. Victoria Petitjean says:

    How many times I am forgot my wallet when I change my bag.. this would really be a great solution but I cannot stop to think how secure it could be in the long run… Time will tell…

  4. Norbert Kruk says:

    This is an amazing technology. I really believe it is future, even we discussed it on the one lecture ;). The only issue with that may be going out with the friends for the party.That might a bit risky. This is a really something from the future, but such thing might be really hard to introduce to the market it might be to early. Some of the places are still working with a credit card payment and changing for such technology might be hard, to implement and more0over it will be very costly for them to introduce such technology.

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