Has LG just invented the most insane smartphone of the year?

I can’t believe what LG has just invented. The Drone Phone. Really, are you serious?

Unlike the other brands which are focusing on designing and producing more and more borderless – Samsung has just applied for a patent on smartphones without borders –, the Korean electronics manufacturer LG sees things from another angle and decided to move away from its competitors by rising up, taking a little height. Indeed, they decided to make a smartphone flying, dream of many magicians (and users). This smartphone seems to come straight out of a sci-fi movie.

After a long reflexion time and wondering why these lads have invented this crazy idea for a smartphone, I found a lot of pros. To illustrate those advantages, I’ll use simple examples that everybody has already lived once.

Example 1. After a long day of work, I feel so tired that I decide to l lie down in my bed or in the sofa to chill a little bit and to read the news or watch videos on my smartphone. I don’t really care about the battery consumption because I know that my charger is at my fingertips. So, I’m watching videos again and again and I fell asleep in a short time. The next morning, after waking up, I’m in a hurry and I’m running out of battery. This is always a frustrating situation.
Hopefully, LG has searched for a solution to this daily problem and came up with the idea of the Drone Phone. The LG 505 U+ can recognise if you’re sleeping and fly autonomously back to its wireless charging station. Thanks to this, you avoid this stressful moment of looking for a power socket in the bus, the tram or the train.

Example 2. I’m not usually cooking but my mother does. When I see her hands dirty, I really want to do a prank, grab my phone, call her, watch her washing her hands in a hurry to answer the caller and hang up just before she’s able to take her phone. Or imagine that you’re gardening, and your hands are so dirty that you decide not to pick up your phone.
LG has, thanks to its idea to embed the drone technology inside a smartphone, found this solution for those poor mums or gardeners. And for the laziest people in the world. From now, you don’t have to stand up to grab your phone located on the table because you don’t have to move, the smartphone comes to you. By combining the features of a smartphone and a drone, you can now cook while having a videoconference or a phone call without soiling the device.

Example 3. Nowadays, the trends of taking selfies has been global and has reached nearly everyone who owns a smartphone. Biggest problem of this trend? Retaking the picture again and again because you are not satisfied for multiple reasons: the quality is not good enough, all the people are not on the picture because the arm (or his/her selfie stick) of the owner is too short, the selfie stick appears on the picture, you were not ready, …
LG has solved this issue for you, selfie lovers! This Drone Phone allows you to take photos of you at a maximum distance of 10 meters. It’s also able to capture the selfie in the air from the best possible angle automatically and to stay perfectly stable at the moment of the picture. This product will appeal to the shy people: the time of asking the bystanders to take picture for you is finally over. This could also use to take picture from inaccessible locations. No need for your buddy to try to reach hardly attainable spots to take amazing pictures (Location: Trolltunga, Norway).

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "trolltunga norvège"

Example 4. Spending time on YouTube or on Netflix with my phone lying in the couch or sitting on the toilet has become a habit for many people (including me). But the only thing I hate is to hold my phone in my hands during a long time in an uncomfortable position.
The flying smartphone doesn’t need to be held in the air to watch your favourite TV series or documentaries. The smartphone is able to recognise where the user is looking and can move around your head to have the best position (optimal distance is 30cm). You could, from that moment, feel like being in a theatre, comfortably seated without using your hands.

Example 5. I watch a lot of videos of extreme sports. These people, usually sponsored by Red Bull, generally use GoPro cameras for their recordings. This type of camera makes the viewer feel like if he was in place of the sportsman or the stuntman. But sometimes, you want to make something crazy and you haven’t brought you GoPro camera with you to record it.
Now, you can record your crazy achievements or your insane actions under a new angle only with your phone. Indeed, the LG device can move in any direction at a maximum speed of 120 km/h. Enough to record a bungee jumping, a cliff jumping, a kart race or even focus on your face on a rollercoaster.

To sum up these five examples, all these ideas are illustrated in the following video:

Nevertheless, I don’t think that such a product won’t be released in the next few months. This breakthrough device is a very good out-of-the-box idea, but it is still at the project stage, which means that research & development must be done to improve the LG 505 U+. Though, this is a preview of the future, which means that you might probably use a phone that can fly in the near future. Regarding the fly feature, I’m wondering if the LG 505 U+ will be considered as a drone or not, because certain governments have set up drone regulations. This could be a big disadvantage for the forerunner of the flying phone.

To conclude this post, please don’t forget: “Life’s Good.





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2 thoughts on “Has LG just invented the most insane smartphone of the year?

  1. Avatar Viktor Paulsson says:

    Interesting topic and very innovative examples of usage you brought up. Perhaps even too innovative. Just to make an example – what goes for the example II when the phone will come to you, how will it find you? Do you have to carry a receiver or something?

    Another thing is regarding what actually makes it flying. Either your text or the video clearly shows the technique used, hence it’s hard to believe. It rather looks like the phone is weightless. Do you think this is a potential marketing strategy just to give their brand some attention in the very competitive smart phone market? LG is certainly not the very first brand that’s comes to my mind when I’m thinking about smart phones.

    • Avatar Yannick Andrien says:

      Normally, you can control the device thanks to a kind of connected smartwatch. And this watch would work like a signal receiver/sender.
      As I said at the end of my text, I don’t really believe that this phone could be released in the next few months because the technology of including propellers in such a slim phone. It could be a potential marketing strategy to remind the potential customers for smartphone that LG exists or brings new technologies. But, I think that on day, this technology (mixing drones with phones) will be possible, so, this futuristic device brings a preview of the smartphone of the future.

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