Internet vs. reality one word; Photoshop

These days in the internet, when we have all this snapchat, instagram photo filters, many applications of editing pictures we all know is rare to see the picture without “pimping”. This is rare when someone would post picture with no filter or changes done. However before all of this accessible for everyone apps there was photoshop which is still existing and is the most popular one.

So how does this famous photoshop works. Photoshop was originally designed for graphic designers, while as photography is more and more connected now days with graphics, it is now also a basic tool for photographers. Photoshop has very extensive options when it comes to modifying photos, which are portraits, pictures of landscapes, professional photo shoots and what is more and more famous now selfies and pictures of the individuals which are not professional photographers.

Earlier photoshop was the tool used by professionals but now everyone could use it, you can download it from the and by paying only 24, 59 euro per month. Okay why am I writing about the photoshop when it is not a “new thing”. Lately I started my adventure with photoshop and as I started I was scared and surprised at once, scared how people could be changed in this program and surprised how amazing it is. I decided to describe this a little bit and show how much it changed internet these days and how perfect people would like to look in the internet and how damaged it could be. The knowledge about it should be shared loudly and everywhere, as this problem exist already for a couple of yers. Moreover as I come from generation who knows that most of the beautiful perfect and confident women on the internet are fake and they do not exist my children would consider it as a real and would have problems with themselves as they would not be consider as perfect. The problem with photoshop begin when the fashion industry exaggerated with photoshopping pictures in the magazines which looked fake or people on the pictures did not look alike anymore. The problem stopped as soon as there were limitations introduced, but while the social media became famous, people went crazy about how they look, how other people see them and they started to photoshop their picture. The question is why? For what?



Genius program which was created for the photographers to explore their passion and help them in editing photos they did is now used by the group of  people who want to heal their complexes by photoshopping their pictures. The most important saying nowadays is “If you want to find out about somebody, then see them in real life”. And remember do not believe in everything you see online. The sad true is that that the true always comes out and as soon this would be reveal than better. Moreover it is especially sad for people who do photoshop to their pictures most of the time. These times are awful for people and for the world, as we would be so focus on us and social media and how we look we would not go forward. I would leave you with the video which shows how Photoshop works to be honest destroy people view and question is it worth to use photoshop in this kind of empty way?



Photoshop Master Reveals Why You Should Never Trust Photos You See On Social Media

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3 thoughts on “Internet vs. reality one word; Photoshop

  1. Gianluca Moneta says:

    Hello, although photoshop is not a novelty as you said, I think you have chosen a really interesting topic because it represents a social problem that unfortunately characterizes our generation: the lack of security in themselves. Young people today can not appreciate themselves, they always see others as better people and this does not make them happy. All of this brought us into the era of fiction, where everything we see most likely does not correspond to reality. it is appropriate to say: “Appearance deceives”. To conclude I agree with you that at this point it will be our responsibility to limit the damage in the future, educating our children in the best way.

  2. Viktor Paulsson says:

    I remember a commercial with Justin Bieber and Calvin Klein, were they made him look more or less like a fitness model. This got huge attention on social media. Pretty funny actually. Unfortunately, the world today is very shallow and people will probably always prefer looking at beautiful pictures rather than the truth. I do believe this, to some extent, is what makes us humans. I slightly disagree with you that our future children might be harmed due to this, since they are actually born into it. This digitization with everything it brings will be considered very obvious to them. In addition, the schools globally will be forced to highlight pros and cons with internet and its features in a pretty comprehensive way. Which in fact us ourselves did not experience, but we ended up pretty fine didn’t we? According to me, the people who suffered from this transformation are those who where there from the start, thus for instance you, me and the generation above us. Nevertheless, impressive that you manage to describe an old phenomena through a modern perspective.

  3. Wiktoria Kania says:

    I agree that nowadays people are crazy about making the perfect photos, looking perfect and having everything around them PERFECT. This is insane how people act at various social media platforms only for other people to be jealous and envy them their perfect life. Photoshop is a great tool to just touch photos a little bit to make them nicer but when people start using it to change their faces, shapes of their eyes or lips this is becoming very weird. I think that our generation because of the fact that we grew up with developing Internet and creating of social media, we can recognize this slight balance between what we can improve and what would be just too much. Younger people who were born when the social media boom was already here, they can have a problem with how they create themselves in social media and the influence other, famous influencers have on them.

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