Who has already said that Excel isn’t funny?

As a student, I often use Microsoft Office tools, especially Excel. So, I know how to use many features of this powerful software, but I was amazed when I saw for the first time what Tatsuo Horiuchi can do with this work tool. We generally associate Excel with formulas, but, for him, Excel is more than a spreadsheet, it’s a large (undefined dimensions) blank board where he can express his creativity.

Tatsuo Horiuchi comes from Japan, is currently 77 years old and is retired for over 13 years. Shortly before retiring, this guy decided to challenge himself and he began to look for something he could make during his retirement. The only problem of Horiuchi was that he wasn’t rich, so this activity should be cheap for him. So, he bought a computer with Microsoft Office pre-installed on it. And he started developing his creativity by painting.

“I never used Excel at work but I saw other people making pretty graphs and thought, ‘I could probably draw with that.’”

Instead of using expensive painting supplies or even a basic drawing program for his computer, the choice of Tatsuo Horiuchi fell on Excel, which is even simpler and more functional than Microsoft Paint, according to the artist. Indeed, Excel’s graph building functions can be used to bring colorful landscapes into life. Using simple vector drawing tools developed primarily to create simple graphics and shapes, Horiuchi draws panoramic scenes of life in rural Japan.

“Graphics software is expensive, but Excel comes pre-installed in most computers. And it has more functions and is easier to use than Microsoft Paint.”

Tatsuo also tried to work with the tools offered in Microsoft Word, but the flexibility of Excel is much more developed, allowing him to configure more details in his creative paintings.

Here is a short video about this amazing artist, and you’ll see why his nickname is “Michelangelo of Microsoft Excel”. This video has been realised by “The Great Story”, who visited him at his home for an interview and a behind-the-scene look at how he works with the most powerful computer software available on every computer in the world:

Since choosing this hobby in the 2000s, Horiuchi has received several awards for his creative work with Excel.

If you want to see (and download) some Excel painted masterpieces, click on these links.






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