People are using phones more likely than laptops, cameras or tablets but there is an  explanation for this kind of situation. Cause we have it all in one, always with us it’s obvious we rather reach for our iPhone than laptop or tablet. Nowadays smartphones are becoming bigger and bigger. New generations which are introduced on the market with lots of new possibilities, like great campera – 12 Mpix, sometimes it’s even better than in small cameras, huge built-in memory, various applications etc.


Few years ago this wasn’t really a common picture, but now the worlds changing and seeing a person with phone nearly as big as his head is something widespread and normal. 

People love to have easy to use products. It doesn’t matter if it’s a phone or a new pad, it should work fast and it should be easy to use for everyone. But now new problems occur. It’s becoming harder to navigate our phones just by using one hand and not dropping it. But there is a solution for that!

As our phones became larger we started facing some new problems with free using it, users would like to be able to navigate their iPhones without any issues. Now it would be able by using iPhone Screen Protector!


As you can see on the picture above there are two built in circuits which are carrying your touch to the top of your iPhone screen. While the user is tapping either left or right button it allows him to conveniently access the corresponding navigation icon without reaching the top of the phone. It is designed for the iPhone 8, iPhone 6, 6s & 7.

Here you can see a movie which will explain how the screen protector works: 

This product is resolving problem of using big smartphones and enables to have more convenient way to navigate our smartphones.

If you’re interested in topic read more on:

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2 thoughts on “IntelliTouch

  1. Avatar Wiktoria Kania says:

    Hi Agnieszka,
    this is a cool solution for the problem your are describing. I actually don’t really inderstand this trend with having as big phone as you can. You have your ipad or computer for bigger screen and phone for everyday use. Nevertheless it is true that companies produce phones much bigger than it was earlier and the screen protector you showed here is a great way to use your phone without having to use both hands which is much more comfortable and convenient. This is what phones are for, right? A device for everyday use that is handy, you can check something quickly and don’t have to put all your focus to do so;)

  2. Avatar Norbert Kruk says:

    Hi Agnieszka,

    Woow it is a really cool gadget, very useful and at the same time protect your phone too. From one side its good that the phones are bigger because we spend more and more time on them but from the other side sometimes we have a lot of issues with using them due to their size.The system is really well thought-out. I would really love to have such screen protector.

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