Voice Apps and E-Commerce

Marketers say that in order to anticipate what the customer wants , you will have to predict what they are thinking .With the voice apps becoming more and more commonplace – now customers can actually tell you .

Back in 2013 the Googles spoken word accuracy was below 80% and few years later it has been increased to 90% but everyone is aiming for 99% accuracy. Accuracy problem arises when you can notice significant differences in terms we type and how we speak . Amazon Echo understands that you want a “pepperoni pizza with extra cheese” from Dominos, and can have it delivered to your door. No typing necessary. Service providers like Uber ,Dominoes and Kayak have already made huge gain in setting themselves up for such a voice-based domination windfall.

In the meantime there’s rush from both Amazon and Google to dominate the automated home assistant maker With the release of the Amazon Echo and Google Home, there’s a definite face-off between the leader in e-commerce and the leader in search.What remains to be seen, however, is just how much of a role these apps actually play in promoting a purchase.

Much of the voice based search is centered around analytics. Goodnes, the Nestle app that uses Amazon Echo skills, lets you search recipes, see (or tell) what ingredients are needed, email you the recipe or show you nutritional information, among other things.

Although it seems like only big brands will be able to take advantage of the shift in voice-based searches and purchases, we’re only truly scratching the surface of the full potential of these types of apps.Both Amazon and Google know thats not in their best interest to simply become a hard pen for others. In my opinion small brands they should keep doing what they are doing  cultivating customer engagement, open discussion, problem-solving and an overall helpful experience. No matter what the underlying technology driving a customer’s inquiry, excelling at these skills will set you far ahead of yourcompetition. 

In a year or two, it’s possible we’ll look at text-based search the way we look at our old MySpace page — with a twinge of nostalgia and an overwhelming sense of relief over how much better, faster and more intuitive things are today.





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    This blog gives me a strong belief in a thought of how easier life is going to be when you have an assistant who can take care of your daily tasks. I got to admit this area is something I look forward to seeing in the near future.

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