Woo, amazing thing for kitesurfers

Woo 1.0 is a little equipment which you attach to your kitesurfing board and it measures the parameters of your jumps. isn’t it interesting?

Well you downaload free app to connect woo with your phone and done, you have all your data of the jumps there. The price of the products is less than 250 EUR (or 250 USD on the US market), you get a thing that along with the free mobile application will help you to objectively assess how high you jumped and how long your swimming session last. Moreover it will also allow you to monitor your progress and compare results with other kitesurfers and even compete with them! Is it it fun?

Also there is Woo 2.0 which is also dedicated to the other sports that means that it can work in kitesurfing, wakeboarding or snowboarding modes. Woo 2.0 running in kitesurfing mode is the equivalent of version 1.0. Woo is in a form of little black-blue box, in the middle of which there are accelerometers, gyroscopes and other sensors. “According to the manufacturer’s information, these sensors monitor the movement of the device in 9 different planes. Based on the data they provide, the complex algorithm calculates the pitch, flight time – the so-called hangtime, and landing strength. This is not a simple matter, the device must not only monitor the parameters of the jump, but also, for example, distinguish the stroke from entering the wave (apparently the jump is detected on the basis of the difference in vibration of the board located on the water and in the air). As a result, we receive, for a session spent on water with Woo, a register of the number of strokes and the above-mentioned parameters for each of them.” as Tadek is saying in his post (http://zyciezwiatrem.pl/woo-gadzet-kitesurfing/).

I saw this gadget in use, my father and brother were using it durig their kitesurfing sessions on their vacaion, and they were so impressed with it and happy that such a small thing could give them so many informations. Sometimes they were sad and dissapointed becauase their expected high jump were shawn in the woo as the low one, woo were true they were suprised that how expetations differ than reality. But still it is fun!


I will leave you with the video how woo 2.0 now works.






Woo, gadżet na kitesurfing



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2 thoughts on “Woo, amazing thing for kitesurfers

  1. Wiktoria Kania says:

    Hi Dominika,
    this is such a cool gadget! Knowing how good or bad you were is great, because you get to know how skilled you are in the sports that Woo can measure. I know that this device would be appreciated by water/snow sports lovers and this is the first time I hear about it actually. Didn’t know such thing existed. Another great thing about it is that you can compare your results with other people, this can be motivating to work on your skills and fun way to compete with friends:)

  2. Norbert Kruk says:

    Hi Dominika,
    I have a few friends who are professional Kitesurfers who are very successful on the international arenna, all of them heard about it and even told me that sometimes this device is being used on the official competitions. One of them told me that his younger brother stared to use it and it is a super gadget. It is really motivating you to practice more to jump higher. In my personal opinion, it is really interesting and useful thing. According to price 250 EUR, hmmm it might seem a lot but from the others side, the whole Kitesurfing is super expensive so for those who train and are interesting about their performance it shouldn’t be a big deal.

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