How humanity will look like in one million years?

In a million years people will be almost unrecognizable to anyone who lives today. We will likely have merged with technology to form bionic beings, experts say.

An expert made the comments while discussing the new National Geographic series “Year Million”, which investigates what human life will be in the far future.

Professor Brian Greene, a theoretical physicist at Columbia University in New York City, is a scientist featured in the series. He told that he doesn’t think humans in the year one million will look much like people today. He said our lives will be so different that we would never guess it now.

Most probably, in the future humans could merge with machines.

The experts claim that in 10,000 years from now when our skin and hair color, will no longer be regional but will be distributed around the globe.

In fact, all languages that spoken today will have evolved into something new. In 100,000 years, it is said that humans will have finally made Mars a habitable planet.



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3 thoughts on “How humanity will look like in one million years?

  1. Paulina Swoboda says:

    I guess this revolution has already started with the implementation of wearable technology. Seems like a very first step into this journey. We humans have this eternal dissatisfaction issue that the more we accomplish, the more we want and I can totally see how people would want to manipulate the biological processes and merge themselves with technology to get closer to the idea of being a divine being. Guess Matrix wasn’t an imagination after all 🙂

  2. Ajax Vadakken says:

    Every time when i watch a futuristic movie like I Robot or terminator it gives me chills. In my mind i still cant agree that machines will take over humans. But with all the development that i see now i believe that future is not that far

  3. Norbert Kruk says:

    Just when I think how it all changed in past 25 years I’m pretty sure that this is inevitable in one million years. It’s incredible how technology is moving forward and we cannot stop it. Nowadays we can’t imagine our life without mobile phones so what could happen next? We are still so far from this but who knows, maybe someday…

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