Supermarket from the future ! Pikachu confirmed!

How many of you hate to waste your time standing in the big lines in the supermarkets? I bet that everyone, even if shops have self-serve in many cases you stand or what makes me also angry there are some issues with them and then we need to wait for an employee to camo and fix it. So why not to invent such store without those issues?

Try to imagine walking to the shop taking what you want and just leaving? It seems like a magic, but there are some companies that are trying to make such ideas come true? Guess who’s that…. Of course, it’s Amazon

22 January 2018, Seattle and a lot of people steering and thinking if it is real or if it is a joke. The first store without checkout required, the world’s most advanced shopping technology, welcome to AMAZON GO.

Amazon Go Smart Shop

What can we buy there, literally everything as in a normal supermarket, meat, cheese, milk, bread or chef-designed Amazon Meal Kits (if we are too lazy, or just in rush)? Shopping here is very easy and what is more important very smart. All you need is to have Amazon account and free Amazon Go app. When you stand in front of the shop turn the app on and simply walk inside take whatever you need and walk away. Your Amazon account will be charged for the products you took. Isn’t it genius? For me sure it is.

Different products inside Amazon Go

How does it Work?

It is possible thankfully very advanced computer vision, sensor fusion, and deep learning technology. The cameras detect when you take the product and recognize your phone (that’s how the system knows how much to charge you, and if you decide that you don’t need the product you took you can easily put the product on the shelf and the system again without you touching even your phone will know that you put the product away. To check if the system of smart monitoring is solid and works properly with no mistakes Amazon did Pikachu test. One day (during the testing phase of the shop, From November 2017 only Amazon employees were allowed to use the shop a)  3 employees of Amazon dressed in the same yellow Pikachu costumes and just cruised around the store taking the products they needed and than checked their phones if the system did some mistake or not. The system didn’t do any mistake. What a solid test.

Is it the future of the supermarket or no? In my opinion, we will have to wait a couple of years but definitely, it is something very special and maybe one day all of the shops will look like that.

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Norbert Kruk

6 thoughts on “Supermarket from the future ! Pikachu confirmed!

  1. Avatar Wiktoria Kania says:

    Hi Norbert!
    This is a very cool idea they introduced, I was to write just the same article 😉 This is a very interesting implementation to the way we shop. For sure it will not expand to other companies very quickly and we will have to wait some time until we will be able to see by ourself how does it really work but I think this is the future of shopping offline. I guess everyone who hears about the Amazon Go will be very eager to try it because this must be a very weird feeling to just go in, take what you want and go out.. a feeling like you are stealing right?:D I am very curious how much time it will take Amazon to open more shops like this and hopefully somewhere else than USA 😉
    Anyway I think that if people don’t switch to online shopping only, this is the way how regular stores will work.

  2. Thomas Joseph Anish Thomas Joseph Anish says:

    I find this article very interesting & one of my colleague from the US had a chat with me about this cool feature that Amazon is bringing in. However, I got to say that this blog has definitely given me a better insight about how this works and I hope this system is born global soon as it simply doesn’t just save your time but makes payments so flexible and easy.

  3. Avatar Paulina Swoboda says:

    Recently, I’ve heard that the Amazon Go shops have been running into problems with tracking when there is more than 20 people shopping at once. I guess they yet have to perfect their technology. I am wondering what happens when you grab a product from a shelf and then decide to not buy it and you leave it somewhere else… hmm. Also wondering how it will affect the consumer behavior knowing with that idea of ‘free’ shopping, I am thinking the consumption will be higher as we will be more inclined to purchase more items that we do not necessarily need.

  4. Avatar Dominika Mularska says:

    Wow, this is amazing, as I was reading your post i was sceptical to it, but after watching video I’m amazed! This is brilliant! Especially for people who are always in hurry and do not want to wait in queue, or do not want to have interaction with unhappy service.. Very nice post and topic! wow one more time 🙂

  5. Avatar Ajax Vadakken says:

    Every time when i go for shopping i hate to wait in the queue and to deal with the cashier. i would be the first customer if this is going to implemented in near future 🙂

  6. Avatar Szymon Muzia says:

    Similar technology was tested in Japan:
    In the end, technology is to make life easier for us. Nowadays, we all live in a hurry, it would be great if such technology will come to Poland.

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