3D-Printed Cheese is as tasty as a real one

There is no doubt for any of us that cheese can be a delicious treat for any occasion. The group of researchers used 3D-printing to create a cheese that is softer and more fluid when it’s melted.

In a recent study, scientists 3D-printed cheese and conducted a series of tests evaluating its texture, resilience and “meltability,” to see how this cheese from the future would look like.

Cheese that was 3D printed was 45 percent to 49 percent softer than the untreated processed cheese, the researchers said. Cheese is produced using techniques that 3D printing mimics very closely, mixing ingredients and molding them into a new shape.

Cheese that was 3D printed was 45 percent to 49 percent softer than the untreated processed cheese, the study authors found. They also discovered that 3D-printed cheese was a little darker in color, and more fluid when melted.

Scientists at the University College in Ireland were curious how the 3D printing process might change the properties of an American classic cheese. The end product was substantially different from the cheese they put in, but this was likely the first time anyone had tried something like this.

“To the authors’ knowledge, no studies have focused upon the impact of additive manufacturing methodologies on the structural properties of dairy products,” the authors write in the study published last month in the Journal of Food Engineering.




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6 thoughts on “3D-Printed Cheese is as tasty as a real one

  1. Paulina Swoboda says:

    This is pretty impressive I must say and looks promising for the future, especially in terms of nutrition. I think if perfected, it will allow to deliver the exact amount of vitamins and nutrient supplements that humans need daily and maybe possibly leading to better diet and ultimately to better human health. Although a long way from now, it is something to think about 🙂

  2. Thomas Joseph Anish Thomas Joseph Anish says:

    Who doesn’t love cheese? From the point of a producer, printing cheese or would be better to say making cheese using technology is a long-term replacement for human resource. I do agree cooking is an art but the ratio of development for technology rises by day and therefore it is very hard to predict the forecast for what could happen in the next 5 years. But we have to agree Food industry is still in a very young stage and has high potential to click the market and I beleive this section has a good future.

  3. Wiktoria Kania says:

    This look interesting, printed cheese..really?! I mean it is great that technology is developing and they come with more and more new fantastic solutions but printed food is not something I am that happy about. I think that clearly 3d printing is very progressive and innovative for example in medicine where they can print different organs to save people’s lives but as long as this is possible we should eat the nutritous and eco food that grows on the planet. This might be a good solution for future generations when the resources to plant tress/ vegetables etc will be limited. For now it is just a fun fact that printing cheese is possible 😉

  4. Szymon Muzia says:

    Food printing is definitely a future. I believe it is just starting with cheese. Right now, is it just a novelty, it will make more sense if we could print a whole meal. We will se what future will bring. 🙂

  5. Ajax Vadakken says:

    Cheese can be printed that will be a good news for a cheese enthusiast like me :), i wish all the very best for the mastermind who is going to change the food industry

  6. Norbert Kruk says:

    Woow cheese that is printed, very innovative idea but if it’s good to me? Hmmm, I don’t know, the idea and what they are doing is fantastic but would rather buy a normal way, old school cheese. On the other hand, I’ve never tried something like this so I shouldn’t judge that type of cheese.

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