Make your life easier with Effie

There are many things in life that we don’t like doing. There are many household duties that we don’t like doing. Technology already helps us in different aspects of our life and now time has come that it will relief us from one of the worst ones – ironing.

Last year two smart guys in London came with an idea of the ironing machine. Actually they invented many prototypes before the one that is presented here but they didn’t think that the previous ones were good enough.

This miracle takes 12 pieces of clothing inside, each at a separate hanger and irons and dries all of them. You just need to take wet clothes out of the washing machine and hang them separately on Effie’s rail. The machine takes clothes inside one by one and it takes about 3 minutes for each piece to be ironed, dried and ready to be hung in the closet.

Below on the video you can see how the whole process looks like.

Important fact is that the machine can deal with all of the different fabrics, even the very sensitive ones.

Obviously this is not so pretty story as it might seem.. the “early bird” price is 699 British pounds. But who would not want Effie in their home?



Never iron again – meet Effie, the machine that dries and presses all your clothes for you


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One thought on “Make your life easier with Effie

  1. Ajax Vadakken says:

    For me personally every day when i wake up i dont have a good notion when it comes to ironing my clothes if a device could do this for i would definitively buy it 🙂

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