Nintendo switch – gaming console for cooler parents

30 years ago the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) was released with an unforgiving rectangular controller with five buttons.The console was the birthplace of a number of popular franchises, including the Legend of Zelda series, and with Legend of Zelda still going strong you still can buy the NES, in miniature form, today in the new switch.

Nintendo’s new console, the Nintendo Switch, is a games console that can be used in three different ways. It can be connected to the TV, used as a handheld device and also as a tabletop device.The console is the first of its kind, acting as a hybrid device that can be used in the home like a traditional console as well being able to transform into a portable system.

nintendo switchNintendo is staying true to its roots in making some of their most beloved games available on the console (Mario, Legend of Zelda, etc), and the console, much like its predecessor, steers fairly clear of the embittered PlayStation/Xbox battleground with it’s family-friendly cartoon advocates and new option to take it on the road.

The device can be played in both single and multiplayer modes, and can be played online to allow users to interact with people around the world. Whilst games can be played online, the Nintendo Switch does not include a web browser.

There is a free app called Nintendo Switch Parental Controls which parents can download to help manage and engage with their family’s use of the Nintendo Switch

What you a parental control app do:

  • Monitor their  children what they are playing  . parents can view a report of which games their child has been playing, and see how much time they have spent on each game. They can also receive a monthly play report of their child’s game play activity. This can allow parents to start a conversation about the types of games your child likes to play.
  • Monitor the time child spends on the Switch: Parents can set a time limit for how long their child is allowed to play, when this time is over an alarm will be triggered on the Nintendo Switch to let them know their play time is over.
  • Set the “Suspend Software” feature to automatically turn the game off when child’s game play time is over.
  • Restrict games and certain online features according to  child’s age. Parents can stop their child from playing games which may be inappropriate for their age ranges.

Although the Nintendo Switch can be played online, through the Nintendo Switch Parental Controls app you have the ability to restrict whether your child can send and receive messages from other users. This restriction can be changed for each individual game they play on the device.

For short i come  up with a conclusion as the parent of the Future if i plan to get a console to my family i would definitely choose this because of the  available options which i have partner with my mobile application to check out what my kids are playing and to tag along with them ,



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  1. Avatar Szymon Muzia says:

    I’ve always wondered what is the phenomenon of Nintendo consoles? Compared with the competition, they have always offered worse solutions than the competition. Not to mention the graphics of the games, which was at a really low level comparing to PSP, PS and Xbox

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