Uber&Jump, better solution how to get from the place A to B


Crowed streets, you are in the rush, Uber won’t help you in such situation. Anyone of you had such happening? If yes the information which was announced today by Uber will make you happy. San Franciso has now the solution, which at the same time is a very sustainable solution. Thankfully to Uber’s and Jump cooperation which is running a Beta test in San Francisco. That is not a new idea, In San Franciso FordGo was offering its bikes to rent but there was an ordinary bike with no special features. Those from Jump are way more better with their electric engines, and they are dockless. You can borrow them through Uber or Jumps app. It works like Uber, looking for the closest free bike and if you reach them, unlock it. Very good and healthy solution and as everything in San Fransico not the ordinary bike but with the addition of technology. “We’re always kind of searching for options to make transportation affordable and more accessible for people,” Uber Head of Transportation Policy and Research Andrew Salzberg said. In my opinion perfect solution, I’ll be really glad if they will appear in EU.





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Norbert Kruk

2 thoughts on “Uber&Jump, better solution how to get from the place A to B

  1. Ajax Vadakken says:

    In Poland thhis will be a great addition to the healhy cycle fashion 🙂

  2. Szymon Muzia says:

    There is going to be harsh competition if Uber decides to launch such a service in Poland. Veturillo is ding the same during summer. What do you think about this? Veturillo has already brand image. https://www.spidersweb.pl/2017/08/elektryczne-veturilo-warszawa.html

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