The least we can say is that the MOOV Now brand is easily recognizable thanks to its perforated silicone strap. What differentiates itself from the strong competition of the market of “wearables”. Now is quite discreet and can be forgotten. Its size is ideal for both men and women. At the same time there is no screen! Yes as you may have guessed, no screen on this minimalist bracelet that makes it strong and weak.

The MOOV Now is an activity bracelet that has many smart sensors that measure: steps, calories burned, activity time but also the range of motion and several measures specific to running, swimming and cycling. Via the GPS of the smartphone, the MOOV Now can measure the altitude difference, the speed, the distance … The analysis of the sleep is also available. The strong point of this bracelet is its battery: 6 months of autonomy. No need to recharge the bracelet every week. It connects Bluetooth to the smartphone, is compatible with Apple Health. It is completely waterproof up to 50m deep. Innovation is especially the coaching part in real time thanks to artificial intelligence.

The associated mobile app with MOOV Now plays a very important role in the tracker experience. This one does not have a screen, all information goes through the iPhone or Android app. This means that the bracelet is smartphone dependent (no problem for me). The app Moov is easy to use, clear and pleasant to use with a menu of 3 tabs “Activities”, “History” and “My Progress” as well as shortcuts to the categories “Running”, “Cycling”, “Swimming” “,” Cardio “and” Boxing “.

This bracelet is a good motivator thanks to his coach who speaks to you.

Unlike the session mode of the Nike + FuelBand, to record an activity it is imperative to choose the session before starting. It is vital to remember that it is not possible to tag an activity posteriori. Not annoying but must have the reflex. Therefore, we choose for example free running session, the app asks us to place the Now at the ankle and press the tracker, recognize it, then GO! It’s the same for biking. Depending on the session we can have feedback in real time.

For swimming it’s the same thing but with the bracelet on the wrist. Therefore, without a screen, it is impossible to know where we are at. One of the shortcomings of MOOV Now because we can count its lengths, we are not safe to be wrong. On the other hand, when one analyzes the session after having dried one’s hands to access one’s smartphone, the data is extremely advanced. It gives us absolutely precise data about our swimming training: number of lengths, type of swimming, number of movements by length and even the time of turn!

In addition to all those benefits stated above, the Now of MOOV is affordable to everyone! It cost between USD 50 and USD 80.




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