Just Walk Out – The amazon way!!

Just Walk Out – The amazon way!!

Imagine yourself walking to a store, picking up something and proceeding to pay! This instantly clicks your mind that the payment is attended by a cashier. You’re going to meet some who’s gonna take money from you in return for the product you’ve bought. This is a feeling that we’ve all become accustomed to.

Now, Amazon is trying to change this with their new offering called Amazon GO! The company opened their store to public on   public on January 22nd. Amazon Go was officially opened on December 5th in 2016, but this was only available for Amazon employees. Amazon Go sells mainly grocery items, but unlike any other store, Amazon Go is cashier-less.


Using technology similar to that found in self-driving cars, such as computer vision and machine learning algorithms, people are able to take whatever items they want, and sensors detect which items have been taken, and by who. People who do shop at Amazon Go have to install the app on their phones, which adds items to the consumer’s online cart. You are allowed to enter the store only if you have the Amazon Go application on your phone, as there are small gates at the entrance where you are able to scan your phone with the app open, which opens the gate for you. Cameras are placed throughout the stores, and weight sensors on the shelves are able to detect when items have been taken. When you leave the store, a few minutes later, the items you took will be added to your Amazon account. Although this is a cashier-less store, there are still workers in the store, such as employees in sections with alcoholic beverages to check IDs before a customer is able to take any beverage. Additionally, there are workers there to assist customers.

Though the above sounds cool, recent reports state that customer complaints have risen due to irregularities with payment. Some customers claim to have been charged more while others don’t get charged at all.

Even though Amazon claims this does not happen often, people could have a chance of taking something expensive and not getting charged. One of the reasons why Amazon Go has built up much interest is because it is extremely convenient for customers because it removes the whole process of checking out items. Amazon plans to slowly implement more Amazon Go stores throughout America in the next few years.

Does all of what written above make you think that Amazon is targeting a monopoly in the retail space???

It’s a truth only time will tell!!


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