Self-driving future – a threat or blessing?

The technology in recent years tend to develop in the direction where people create orders and the devices fulfills their missions. In a similar way, General Motors and other companies producing cars came up with the idea of self-driving car as a future of motorization. First autonomous vehicles with removed manual controls have been released last year. The prototypes are being tested and checked on various situations and conditions. Some of them still have manual controls just in case for the safety of the passenger. The perfect solution where all cars are aware of its presence and cannot cause an accident is considered as ideal. Nevertheless, some ethical aspects of such project should be designed carefully.


Makes life easier

Before the self-driving cars will make life easier they need to complete thorough testing process. The manufacturers would like to be sure that the car will cope with dense urban areas and distinguish all vehicles and other objects on their route to the destination. General motors designed the special safety system and placed airbags in alternative places inside the car as it does not have the steering wheel anymore. When the self-driving car will pass all tests, and fulfil law requirements adjusted for the new technology coming to the market it will be able to serve the society. People will be able to save time of commuting to work, be able to use the time in the car for anything else than driving. The traffic in the cities is expected to decrease as the cars will always adjust their speed and route to the current conditions and minimize the occurrence of accidents. What is more they are going to be eco-friendly and do not harm the environment.


The difficult situations

The most crucial aspect of self-driving car technology is the programming of artificial intelligence which needs to react in the most optimal way in certain situations. It’s the human’s decision to mark what is more important and what has bigger value. Every day people face dilemmas on the route whether they should hit into the other car or pedestrian or whether they decide to hit the tree or the mother with a child even if there is family on the back seat. Artificial intelligence evaluates what is the priority for the society and makes the most optimal decision which is made without emotional element. From the ethical point of view the computer inside the self-driving car will not take into account as many factors as the person, but will have quicker moment of reaction and probably will be able to prevent the accident or maximally minimize the damage.


New solution means new threat

Each solution that is regarded as a breakthrough and blessing for the society can be at the same time a curse and an opportunity for someone with bad intensions. As the self-driving car will use computer and artificial intelligence it will mean that some people will certainly attempt to hack it in order to steal it or take the full control of the vehicle. Taking that factor into account It is important to remember about checking all the necessary security systems that are meant to prevent such events.



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