Bodybuilding with VR

According to the latest statistics virtual reality and augmented reality are at their pick. People get to know their functionalities firstly through taking part in first VR games on consoles and expanded their potential to other spheres like education, science, simulation process and health care. Gamers and people creating technology were regarded as not healthy with sedentary lifestyle and inappropriate diet. At the moment, we can observe that they evolved and increased their awareness about healthy lifestyle. All technology users started to facilitate lots of daily activities but at the same time they realized that the technology can also improve their health in a attractive and entertaining way.


Virtual Reality Gym Experience

People have dreamed of going through the same experience as their virtual game character. At the moment, it is possible. Players can actually be the controllers themselves and can improve their own personal performance and experience just like any game character. Through using special controllers and sensors on players body he is able to upgrade his game status using his actual endurance, speed and strength. At the same time through fulfilling tasks in the virtual reality he is exercising in the real world what is beneficial for his health.


Exercise when are where you want

This innovative solution saves time and helps creating positive habits. The technology enables to develop muscle strength and endurance in the same efficiency as on the traditional gym. It uses integrated cable pulley system which is controlled by the virtual reality engine. The players muscles experience real strength-building resistance. Very popular product on the market is Black Box.


Efficient through artificial intelligence

The workout in virtual reality gym lasts about 30 minutes. It allows to maximize fitness results and adjust level of difficulty through artificial intelligence and special adoptive workout perception. Such virtual support guarantees graduate and visible progress. Artificial intelligence combined with virtual reality analyzes real body performance. System of controllers and wearables track and monitor fitness activities what allows the player to be aware of his condition. On the other hand, it does not mean that through exercising with virtual environment technology workout will be easier and painless. It will be more convenient and attractive for the user. It will visualize the path that the player needs to go between his actual effort and perceived effort.





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