How wearable devices that track human activity influence business productivity

Modern world offers people smaller pieces of technology that can assist in every-day-life and bring benefits to one’s health, lifestyle and as a consequence productivity and business effectiveness. Wearable devices available on the market today allow people to track activity of their body in various aspects and conditions. Through measuring body activity, you can gain knowledge on: calories burnt, quality of sleep, number of steps made over the day, heart rate in various situations, body temperature and many other indicators. Being aware and curious about health condition can bring considerable health benefits.


Proactive approach to healthcare

Up to this point, people tended to pay attention to their health when their faced problems. At the moment, their experience revolution of their attitude and they started to feel the need to monitor their health condition on daily basis. The users in 21st century use mobile applications and fitness wearables every day. The most popular are shoes sensors, smart watches, wristbands and build in functionalities in mobile devices that allow to use only mobile apps for tracking how many steps the user made and how many calories he has burnt as a result. What is more apps available on the market expand the approach and promote general healthy lifestyle.


Active and engaged

Applications available on the market started to be interactive and communicative. The users get push notifications and are informed of upcoming events, activities that they need to do, goals that they are about to accomplish or threats of decreasing individual outcome. They are stimulated to further activity and engaged in their personal improvement. They get used to exercises and other things related to business performance and productivity. What is more the users through getting used to certain functionalities and to monitoring their daily performance want to improve other aspects of life through using applications and create their own balanced virtual environment.


Practical functionalities

Applications available on the market provide the user vide range of functionalities regarding fitness tracking, facilitating productivity, monitoring personal development, planners and  life hacks such as intelligent shopping lists, diet planners, taxi, peer-to-peer sharing, food delivery, booking services etc.

5 most wanted app features that the users look for:

  1. Experience that is not available anywhere else
  2. Intuitive and simple navigation
  3. Seamless checkout
  4. Personalized experiences
  5. Simplicity

The most recommended apps in 2018:

  1. Password

2. Lyft

3. Google Photos

4. Sky Guide

5. Snapchat

6. Instapaper

7. Waze

8. Untappd

9. Dark Sky

10. Spotify




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