Internet of things

Internet was created for people to develop skills, entertain, and many other activities over the time. We created YouTube, Facebook, a lot of sites and it gave us an opportunity to communicate with  people all around the globe. We built international network. Today this is called internet of people , or just an internet.

Now it’s time for internet of things, which means that objects can communicate with each other, using the same mechanism of building network as people do on the traditional internet.

Imagine bed with microchips, that are reading the talk of your body. Afterwards they are checking your orthopaedic condition, and actualized shape of mattress in your bed. Just to make you comfortable and healthy. Morning ritual is starting with relaxing massage which is turning into terrible vibes so you have to wake up at 7.00 AM. Whenever you want it or not, you are never late.

Alright sounds nice but, how my bed can gain an information  about my orthopaedic health and what hour should I wake up?

It is all about interactions between objects:


In the first case bed is gaining information about health from data bases in hospital ( or any other place where you have put it). Than the mechanisms in bad are making an appropriate change of the shape of mattress.

In the second case you are putting an alarm in your phone. At certain hour phone is sending a signal to bed that is the time to wake up. Afterwards the process of waking you up is starting.

This chain of interactions is almost unlimited. Having a phone as a center of daily activities, morning routine can also looks like this:



Your bed is waking you up, the temperature in your room is changing, if it’s grey outside light of the lamp is turning on. In the kitchen you can hear the sounds of your morning coffee. In my opinion this is fascinating, because it’s a huge step in the direction of real intelligent houses or even smart cities

This is also very serious thought in business case. Companies like: IBM, Google, Samsung, Cisco are constantly investing in this technological aspect. Apart from improving daily life level, the biggest firms in the world invests in IOT because, it can significantly increase efficiency in every manufacturing sector.


Interest of IOT is still growing, so I think that reality of life as described above is going to be a norm sooner than most of as expect.


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  1. Avatar Cendrowicz Kamil says:

    Great article!
    I think that smart cities are just a matter of time, in fact smart houses are already a thing. Google has just recently released “Google Home” which gathers all items that can connect to each other and make your house personalised just for you. Sadly, it’s not available in Poland yet.

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