5G network is on the horizon (at least in the USA)

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So far not many people have actually tested 5G network, but this will soon change. Verizon and AT&T are teaming up with Qualcomm, in order to present the newest cellular network technology. The rumours are that the network is going able to reach internet speeds over 1Gb/s, some say even up to 20Gb/s (while Poland averages at 27.57 Mb/s, that means 5G will be 31 times faster in the worst scenario). There are other benefits of 5G finally coming live. People predict unlimited cloud storage will become a standard, and so will on demand processing power. This might also revive smartbooks, which were laptops with built in cellular network. Additionally 5G is going to provide better (smaller) latency and most importantly for average internet users, some of the 4G (LTE) traffic will move over to 5G, which will allow LTE speeds to be faster. Industry specialists say, that 5G for video streaming will be what 4G was for music streaming. The technology is expected to be widely available in 2020.

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Although 5G network has been deployed in many places all over the world (famously in Gliwice), these were small and medium city releases, and not many devices can use this network. So far there is one smartphone available, and it’s exclusive to Verizon (US carrier). Although many android phones which are expected to launch in the first quarter of 2019, are also expected to come with 5G technology “on board”. In the second quarter most of the phones are expected to have this technology as a standard. There are rumours that Apple isn’t going to launch 5G compatible device until 2020, but that nothing weird as they did the same thing with 3G (the original iPhone) and 4G (iPhone 4s) network releases.

Motorola Moto Z3 – first 5G compatible, available phone

5G technology seems very promising but it faces some challenges. First of all new network launches never match the expectations, so don’t bee too hyped when you first will be able to use this technology. Secondly the technology used actually limits the network. 5G radios aren’t compatible with 4G radios, so there is need for completely new infrastructure to be build.  Additionally the technology utilises milimeter radio waves. The main problems are that they are very bad at penetrating obstacles, such as walls, windows, your car roof and additionally they can be weakened by bad weather and they cover areas much smaller than 4G can. So to set up a 5G network, cellular providers need to buy radios and a ton of amplifiers, in order to maintain signal over a larger area.

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5G is very promising, but also futuristic. It probably will allow for driverless cars seamless communication, and already allows for better smart home services. Bigger and faster data transfers can only be a good thing and also 5G network can allegedly handle four times the capacity of 4G network, so internet traffic shouldn’t be an issue in the future.

For me personally LTE is working very good, but I can’t complain about the development and can’t wait for what it will bring to our world.

Are you excited for 5G network, or 4G is just fine for you?






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3 thoughts on “5G network is on the horizon (at least in the USA)

  1. Avatar Moskalenko Kristina says:

    I’m really glad and excited that there are constant developments in the world, and I doubt that a few setbacks with prevent 5G to be widespread and mainstream. I’m sure that the manufacturing companies of this will be able to utilize something new to make 5G seamlessly usable and I’m sure the issues mentioned in the blog would be overcome. I definitely thinks that this development is needed because from personal experience I can say 4G is not enough in many cases nowadays. Internet is used everywhere, so we as humans are become increasingly more dependent on it. Thus, the need in better network connectivity is vital.

  2. Avatar Żelazo Michał says:

    Don’t you think that 5G network can has real impact on our health? In my humble opinion, this develop of network is going to ruin people health. 5G magnetic and electric field which are emitting has huge impact on children bodies and other young species. It can provide to health weakening for all species in the world. I think engineers should drop this idea and start new project which is more “world friendly” because we don’t want to lose all the things that we achieved instead of faster network connection.

    • Avatar Głazek Maciej says:

      I honestly think that European Union’s directives are so tight it is impossible to make something lethal, or dangerous to our health work here, so its rather impossible for 5G network to be harmful. The standards used in every technology affecting all of us are very strict to minimise the risk of anything bad happening. Magnetic and electric fields have no impact on humans, especially when their sources are powered by relatively not powerful sources. Additionally 5G waves are non-ionising which means that they don’t interact with cells in our bodies. The definition of non-ionising is that the wave doesn’t carry enough energy to ionise (to remove electron from an atom). If you are still concerned about 5G radiation you shouldn’t worry as the widespread of this technology in Poland is far away, as we don’t have anything near needed infrastructure. The technology is likely to appear first in shopping malls and certain spots in the city centre.

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