Hyperloop = trip from Warsaw to Poznan in 20 minutes


At first I would like to introduce a bit how does it work. It is a train placed in low pressure tube, moving with incredible speed. Here is a film that explains main features of this technology:


Alright we know more-less about the technology, but does this really need a tube to work, instead of tracks that super fast trains are using at speed of 430 km/h ? Yes. If it comes to speed around 1000 km/h ( final aspiration of hyperloop), it is necessary.

Retorical question – Why do you think planes are flying at the average height of 10 kilometers.

Yes! You have a good intuition, there the air has much lower density and it is easier for plane to go through it.

Now, if you want to go with similar speed as plane, but closer to the ground you need similar conditions. That’s way they are using tubes with lower pressure.

The way how hyperloop can increase the comfort of travelling is enormous. Can you imagine travelling from Warsaw to Poznan in 20 minutes?  To be honest, I can not imagine such a speed. Here is a map of potential routes, that Hyperloop Poland suggested.

Unfortunately, chances that such a map would became a reality In the closest future is rather small. It is because hyperloop technology requires a huge amounts of money. First place where hyperloop can became a something real is middle east, where sheikhs are truly interested in this idea and ready to invest. Second such a place is of course US where have placed a competitions by SpaceX of hyperloop teams projects from countries all around the globe. The film you have watched at the begging comes from US team ,,HyperOne”.

Therefore Polish team offers step by step solution of implementing hyperloop’s technologies into Polish and generally European reality. It is mainly about renewal existing trucks, and it’s modernization into pre-hyperloop tubes. Such approach has real chance to became true, that’s why even polish government has started to look at the idea of hyperloopization of Poland.

In my opinion those guys got really great ideas and I am really cheering up this team. I like their approach of small steps and here I would like to present you a project of hyperloop poland’s  station, in a long term perspective.



This idea really got a potential to become true and it may be good choice for investements, that’s why I invite you to familiarize with the topic.  Here: https://cleantechnica.com/2017/04/03/poland-best-place-hyperloop-says-inventor/









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2 thoughts on “Hyperloop = trip from Warsaw to Poznan in 20 minutes

  1. Avatar Dzieciątko Julia says:

    Great idea, but I wonder what will happen with the tubes that are nearby places that are seismic active… on the boundaries of tectonic plates for example (they move around 1 cm a year). Any movement even for 0,1 mm will be huge danger for tubes that come to speed 1000 km/h! Besides, I would suggest Poles thinking about Skinkansens first 😀

  2. Avatar Willoński Artur says:

    Your fears are truly reasonable but, Hyperloop’s tubes are in the same way in danger as skyscrappers in Japan. However, skyscrappers still stay in their place because of increadible solutions of preventing disasters based on purpousfull moves of the hole construction. I think that engineers of Hyperloop’s tubes will use similar or better technology to maintain the safetiness while travelling hyperloop with the speed of 1000 km/h instead of Shinkansen 600km/h c:

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