Instagram becoming as Ad-driven as Facebook?

Businesses using Facebook as a big advertising platform is nothing unusual for ordinary internet user, but as targeted marketing is developing, the social media giant is restructuring their other platforms in order to push paid traffic even more.

Kamil Podworski


At first, Instagram didn’t have any marketing capabilities, it even wasn’t connected to Facebook’s Business Manager. Then slowly, Zuckerberg’s company started to notice its potential, which eventually led to adding simple options of getting paid traffic and pushing stuff in front of people. Stories were the most noticeable advertising move that Facebook added recently – try looking through your friends stories without seeing at least one paid campaign. Advertisers could also use simple options such as adding “Buy Now” links underneath promoted posts.



Now Instagram is testing out new feature, it was spotted this week on Hard Rock Hotel Daytona Beach post. A big “Book Now” button which is a direct link to hotels booking site, appeared below the picture. This feature is widely used on facebook and it’s called “call to action”, Facebook has many of different options available to Pages, for example the ability to book services, make purchases, download apps or contact a business.




Current options that Instagram gave to businesses weren’t as useful as those on Facebook, platform allowed to add various types of purchase options, implementing new features might be a good call for non-retail companies such as hotels.

This might be a sign that Instagram will sooner or later become as ad-driven platform as its bigger brother, which eventually might cause people discouragement.



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