NYPD Drones

Technology is moving forward constantly and police departments don’t want to fall behind. That’s why New York Police Department recently announced that they bought 14 drones equipped with a cameras. The unmanned aerial vehicles will be controlled by officers after various trainings. New UAV’s are going to be used in large events such as parades or concerts. Of course they can also be used in more dangerous scenarios, like hostage situations, search and rescue missions or even crime scene analysis. Drones are very convenient, they can cover large sections of land in short amount of time, they can even be equipped with thermal cameras to spot humans ¬†at night.

Of course usage of drones in large cities is strictly forbidden because of privacy issues. Authorities are above this law, it raises a lot of controversy and questions. What are the regulations? How can we distinguish police operations from our privacy violation? Who has the access to the materials recorded by drones? The Police Department said that drones will not be used to enforce traffic laws or surveil citizens but to be honest, there are no meaningful restrictions just yet.

Drones are a game changer, they are a chance to make a step ahead in means of enforcing law. But with great power comes great responsibility. UAV’s can be easily converted into futuristic surveillance objects. Are citizens ready to sacrifice their privacy in favour of street’s safety? Will someone even ask them? Let me know what do you think about this topic below.






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