Humans are thinking about immortality since the dawn of time. Thanks to the current progress in technology we are witnessing a discovery that potentially could rewrite our lives. Senolytics are new class of drugs which may provide us with a better, healthier lives.

Judith Campisi is a professor at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging in Novato, California, and cofounder of a company called Unity Biotechnology in 2011. She is known as a leading figure in the biology of ageing since the early 1990s, when her research revealed that cells enter a phase known as senescence that prevents them from becoming cancerous.

Her research is currently focused on the role of cellular senescence in cancer and other age-related diseases. So, what cellular senescence basically means? According to Wikipedia, it is „one phenomenon by which normal cells cease to divide”. In 1960’s, Leonard Hayflick and Paul Moorhead found out that normal human fetal fibroblasts in culture reach a maximum of approximately 50 cell population doublings before becoming senescent. This phenomenon was called Hayflick limit and is known or overturning a 60-year-old dogma which maintained that all cultured cells are immortal.

It is worth noting that senescent cells in some point come to the kind of twilight state where they are still active but no longer dividing. Campisi’s and other scientists’ researches showed that this was a ‘strategy’ of the evolution process to derail incipient cancer cells, which are known to spread thanks to the cells division.

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Now, Campisi is conducting researches on new class of drugs called senolytics, which eliminate senescent cells and restore more youthful characteristics (in animal experiments). The company called Unity Biotechnology, which she cofounded in 2011, launched a human trial of its first senolytic drug last July.

This actions can cause a moral dilemma whether we should live longer than we already do. Campisi points out that we should not confuse aging and death. She expects that, thanks to senolytics, we will be able to extend our “health span”, which basically means that there is a possibility that we will extend the duration of good health condition of our bodies while living the same amount of time as we currently do.

Today we can observe a debate about the limit to the human life span. Some say it can be 110 years, others claims it to be 150 years. Speaking of this case, Campisi provides us with examples such as world record for extending the life span of a little worm called C. elegans, which is 10-fold. On the other hand, most of the really intensive experiences extend mouse life span (which is about 97% genetically identical to human being) by 20-30%. In the end we just simply do not know what the maximum life span of human being, but there is a possibility that we can extend it even more than we already did, for example thanks to the discovery of vaccines.


So, what are your expressions on this topic? Would you like to live longer? Why? Or why not? Would you like to extend your “health span” or you believe that ageing is a necessary part of our lives? Let me know in the comment section!





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  1. Avatar Sushkevich Artsiom says:

    It is rather complicated to guess what consequences it could cause. But I advocate the idea that it will not be accessible for a common resident of our society and will definitely cost a lot. As for me, I would like to extend my life in order to consume more information about the world around me.

  2. Avatar Puhach Anhelina says:

    Honestly, the theme of aging and death frightens me even at such a young age. Show me a fool who wants to die? Everyone wants to have time to make all their dreams come true, to have children while you’re still young, of course, see their grandchildren and at the same time so that health does not let down. Naturally, I would like to extend the good condition of my young organism, and I would even take these senolytics, but at the same time, I realize that aging is inevitable. In pursuit of youth, people sometimes do stupid, if not ridiculous things, instead of just enjoying life and living it to the fullest.

    • Avatar Ryłko Jakub says:

      Actually, I think that death is something truly great, i mean I do not want to die young or something, but death is something which reminds me to appreciate the fact i am alive and, as you said, enjoy my life and live it to the fullest. At the same time I think that having an opportunity to live it in a good health condition is great, imagine being 80 years old and still be able to go snowboarding with your grandkids – super cool!

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