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This idea for business, came from problems which we are facing as a human. First is rapid growth of human population from 7 billion today to 9,2 billion by 2050. Those people need a place to live in, especially when biggest growth is expected in biggest cities. Another very important factor is growing frequency of floods or hurricanes caused by global warming. Of course we have to prevent against climate changes but sometimes it is too late. In the countries touched by natural disaster, everyone wants to go back to normal live and house as soon as possible. Unfortunately, it is usually impossible to do it instantly because of lack of money and time to build new houses.

Contour crafting might be a good solution for those problems.

It is much cheaper than the traditional building process. Company didn’t declare concrete value. Reason why it really could be cheaper than traditional is that hole process Is manage by computer, and quantities of wasted materials are significantly smaller. Process is not totally human free, but still part where human is needed is small. This generates savings.

Here is an example of printing house process by company Apis Cor.


House from the movie was printed in 24 hours, in case of contour craf it would be around 45 minutes. Unfortunately, they have awful movies of construction process so, there are only pictures:



This process can be also implemented to building factories, buildings of public use, etc. this is especially important in developing countries. I am not sure about creating houses like that, for a big scale. In my opinion residentials made this method would be very tedious. However, I do really appreciate what they are doing, if it could help most needy people. For sure this also shows clearly, which way building sector will  develop in future.






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  1. Avatar Puhach Anhelina says:

    I’ve already imagined all the possibilities of printed houses. And I completely agree with you, real good can come from it in being able to quickly build homes in devastated areas and for low cost. Though construction workers will have to get involved in other areas like engineering (cause technology is taking over), on the bright side, blue collar workers may enjoy moving into fields of engineering and other, less-harsh specialties. It would allow for more jobs in those areas to spring up. As for me, that’s amazing breakthrough!

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