Are you addicted to your smartphone?

Smartphones give us ability to connect with our friends, our relatives, help us to get news, great source of entertainment and all this possible with just a tap of a touchscreen. From the other hand overuse of mobile devices can interfere with work, school and relationships. Moreover, approximately 72% of people say that they are rarely more than 2 meters away from their mobile devices. This is what is known as nomophobia (no mobile phobia) and it is real addiction.


How smartphone addiction affects our lives?

Phone addiction especially among children modify the way they interact with one another. Recent study shows that 10 years old children prefer communicating with others through mobile devices and social media than face to face communication. This might lead to serious consequences. Face to face interactions helps a child to develop emotionally and behaviourally which is impossible when a child communicating over mobile device. Adults can get addicted as well and the consequences are not less destructive. Overuse of smartphone leads to number of different physical problems such as: digital eye strain, neck problems, increased illnesses, car accidents. What is more it can lead to psychological problems such as interrupted sleeping patterns, obsessive compulsive disorder and even depression.

How to overcome smartphone addiction?

First of all we have to be aware that smartphone addiction exists. Secondly, we have to identify how much we use our smartphones for non-work and non-essential activities and reduce usage to minimum. Nowadays it is easier to do, using digital tools like “screen time”(iphone) and “digital wellbeing” (android).Finally, engage in real human contact, instead communicating over social media with friends and family try to spend some real time with them.

If you are not encouraged enough to reduce phone usage to minimum. “VitaminWater” company offers $100K for those who will not be using smartphone for 365 days…



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3 thoughts on “Are you addicted to your smartphone?

  1. Avatar Dzieciątko Julia says:

    I asked myself the question from the title many times! Recently, I have been checking the “Screen Time” section on my iPhone daily and it helped me a lot with limiting the time I spend on my phone. It shows detailed information about the particular apps and app categories I use, how many notifications I receive and how often I pick the phone. I strongly recommend it to anyone who wants to overcome smartphone ‘addiction”.

  2. Avatar Sushkevich Artsiom says:

    As for me, I am not addicted to my phone, but use it frequently. It is not a secret, that smartphone nowadays is vital for us. It enables to react quickly to changes or unpredictable situations and helps to solve all routine tasks. I guess, it is hard to find a golden medium in using smartphones.

  3. Avatar Puhach Anhelina says:

    I’m so sorry to realize that I spent probably a quarter of my life on all these social networks and many other applications that did not actually yield me so much real benefit. Maybe it is exactly the price of progress, which we should accept and adapt to it in our own way by controlling ourselves, and the most importing thing is awareness of the issue. You raised a really alarming topic! Thanks to your advice, I‘ve already downloaded this cool pocket controller.

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