Musk makes a big promise for next year

With Christmas being, Elon Musk still is feeling the urge to give presents.

Kamil Podworski

In one of recent tweets, the Tesla CEO wrote about company’s plans for next year – covering the whole Europe with the Supercharger network, “from Ireland to Kiev, from Norway to Turkey.”  Such a station can charge a vehicle to around 80 percent battery capacity in 40 minutes, it’s the fastest and most widespread system in the world.



Those news fit with claims from November, earlier this year, that Tesla is going to double the amount of Superchargers by end of 2019. This means that chargers would be “within range of 95% to 100% of population in all active markets.”

Despite big news,  lets not forget that Musk often over-promised many things in Tesla history. It’s obvious that amount of charging points grown in rapid pace, but the company originally had plans of creating up and running 18000 stations by the end of this year and ended up with 6000 less.


If news about Europe wasn’t enough, following tweet spreads news about Africa.



Apparently, Tesla is going to start setting up chargers in Africa by 2020 but there is no specific data given. According to their coverage map, currently the tech- giant doesn’t have any points on that continent.


Still, if you want to check out Tesla full expansion plans, they cover it on their site.


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  1. Avatar Ryłko Jakub says:

    Do you personally think that Musk’s plans are possible to achieve in such a short amount of time? I mean, we are talking about continents, these areas are super big. And the fact is that Musk is known for his too optimistic approach to this kind of promises and I cannot imagine that this time he will manage to fulfill it.

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