YOU decide who to share your identity with.

The year 2018 showed how difficult and important the issue of keeping users data safe is. Organisations such as Marriot and Facebook had been exposed to hackers attacks. The first one (3rd largest hotel chain in the world) lost control over the personal information of 500 million people.

Nowadays being in possess of personal data may give hackers a huge control over your identity. In digitalised world unwanted use of your ID, passport number or address can result in serious problems – for example becoming unexpectedly an owner of a massive loan!

The company which wants to fight with uncontrolled use of your personal information is Passbase. Startup founded in August 2018. The application gives its users a control over their data. As a user you scan your ID and the systems checks by taking short video of your face if you are a person from a given document. Then a digital identity is given not to a company but to the user. You have an access to an account in which you can decide with who to share your identity with.

Passbase uses blockchain, but their solution is not described in detail on their website. Their facial recognition system uses AI technology. Application is free for first 1000 uses, then you have to pay $1 for each check of your identity. Currently they produced MVP (minimal viable product) and they plan to launch full application in a year 2019.

Another function of this application is its offer for B2B. The companies which would like to buy an access to Passbase will have an ability to check all accounts of its users. In result they will have an opportunity to delete all fake accounts in their database.

Passbase helps you create a verified digital identity

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One thought on “Passbase

  1. Avatar Radwan Wiktor says:

    The idea is interesting, but for me if feels like it only works once – by that I mean that you decide to share your personal data with organisation X, after that they are already in possession of it, and thus it can be leaked or hacked anyway.
    It will only have any sense of existence when many costumers start to use it, as well as companies who are verifying you identity also start to use it on a bigger scale (i.e. Banks, Insurers, Retailers).

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