Deepfake and their future

What are deep fakes and what will be their future

Deepfake is a combination of word deep learning and fake. Basically deepfake are videos which use already existing image to combine with a video just like the one below with Nicolas Cage. Mainly deepfakes were used to create fake news and hoaxes.

Right now even in initial state of deepfakes it is hard do distinguish real video from the fake one. In the future it will be even harder with development of this tech and huge amount of data available in the web. For example fake videos of celebrities or politicians already exists which are almost perfect. Despite the video itself but also audio and specific facial movements of person can be “trained” if there is enough data. the video below shows previous US president Barack Obama

It only shows that we already need to double check crucial information because there are people who finds joy in creating false visions. What’s more deepfake’s algorithms can be used other way around to check videos if there was any interference of AI.
This technology on the other hand can help upgrading video chats it uses much less data that actual streaming. This for me is only positive aspect of usage deepfakes right now, with good timing this tech can destroy numerous peoples’ lives, just like it happened with Gal Gadot whose face was used in porn video.


The future of the deepfake — and what it means for fact-checkers

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3 thoughts on “Deepfake and their future

  1. Avatar Żelazo Michał says:

    It’s good to know that deepfakes exist. I have never heard about this before. Don’t you think that it should regulated in somehow? The people who creates such a things should be responsible for the effects and punished in the right way.

    • Avatar Kaczmarek Robert says:

      The worst thing about them we are almost unable to control them. It is the same situation with memes you know them but almost never you don’t know the author of them.

  2. Avatar Kliachkovski Danila says:

    It is true that almost everything can be done in our world now. Technologies will always develop, but the contrast is always present. When a new model of phone comes out, hackers immediately try to hack it. The only thing that can be done is to be careful and always recheck the information.

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