IBM Q System One – Quantum Computing System is here

Quantum Computing has been a dream humanity pursued since 1980’s. Rumour has it that they were available not very much later, for scientific purposes only. Even tough Q System One isn’t the first Quantum System on the market (there are many speculations about whether the D-Wave is an actual quantum computing system), it certainly is a breakthrough. It’s a first of its kind system which will be available to a commercial purposes. IMB says it’s “World’s first fully integrated universal quantum computing system”. It has unveiled Q system during Consumer Electronics Show which is now held in Las Vegas.

                                        This is how IBM Q System looks like


While it does not look very accessible, it doesn’t have to be. The use for commercial purposes will be delegated through the Cloud. This means that for now, Q System stays in IMB’s hands only. No wonder, though. The volume of a glass cube around the computer is almost 20m3. Also, very specific conditions have to be maintained, in order for the Quantum System to work properly. The complete isolation from electromagnetic radiation, no vibrations and the below zero degree temperature are essential .Even the slightest deviation can lead to cubits loosing its properties.


IBM Q System One also isn’t the biggest Quantum System created. In “classic” computers, data is stored in a form of binary code: which simply means 1s and 0s. Quatum system uses qubits, which which allows the existence of 1s, 0s and all numbers between them simultaneously. In IMB itself created another, 50 qubit machine in 2017 while Q system is only 20 qubit one.The company ensures, that System One is the symbolic step into Quantum Systems and that the system is constructed so it can be developed and used easily. Later this year, the IBM Q Quantum Computation Center is to be opened. It is the bow towards the clients interested in using IMB’s system. It will be located in Poughkeepsie, New York.


Quantum Systems can be very significant in many areas of life. This kind of technology can lead to many breakthroughs, from those in medicine, through material engineering, ending on business and stock operations. Cures for diseases we cannot cure, less risk of collapse of buildings, more accurate forecasts on the stock market. Development of AI and new scientific discoveries. Those are all benefits that can be obtained with quantum system’s help. They have the potential to solve problems way beyond reach for the traditional computers.


There are much more companies working on their own quantum systems. For example Intel has announced testing 42 qubit system while Google works on 72 qubit one, while focusing on much more stability of the system. They have also created the processor operating on qubits. There is a lot happening in the field of quantum systems and that is a good thing. As long as it’s for the right purposes.,80/ibm-q-system-one-pierwszy-komputer-kwantowy-do-uzytku-komercyjnego,898725.html






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  1. Avatar Sajewicz Marta says:

    Even though this technology isn’t what we expect it to become by this time, I think that is really groundbreaking. If quantum systems will be developing through the years, we can achieve great things with their help. It is a big step towards developing solutions for diseases, technological problems and scientific discoveries no-one ever thought of before.

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