Mookkie Smart Pet Bowl

Representatives of the Italian technology company Volta presented at the CES 2019 exhibition a special smart bowl model Mookkie, designed for pets. The technology will help trace the nutrition of several pets.

Volta introduced the Mookkie Smart Pet Bowl

The novelty was equipped with a wide-angle special camera, which determines the animal with the help of effective recognition technology. Thanks to this system, the food compartment will be opened for certain pets. A clever bowl with recognition technology is equipped with a special closing compartment designed for food. When an animal gets into the field of view of a special camera, its face is analyzed by the built-in recognition algorithm. Each individual bowl will be assigned a specific pet. The compartments open if the camera of the device recognizes an animal.

The smart bowl in this case is synchronized with a special new application. With the help of the software, the owner of the animal receives notifications regarding the empty bowl, and the video that the camera shot. With this application, the user can customize the bowl. In this case, you need to provide a snapshot of the animal. A smart bowl will start selling for $ 189.



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2 thoughts on “Mookkie Smart Pet Bowl

  1. Avatar Żelazo Michał says:

    It’s great that you found it out on CES. For me it’s just a bowl for 189$, nothing more. I like the idea of recognizing the pets (in technical way it is interesting) but I must say it to all companies, stop making basic things more “inteligent”. This trend makes people crazy.

    • Avatar Walczak Jakub says:

      I agree with you that there is a trend of reinventing things by just making them “inteligent” or adding a feature that seems very fancy at first but in the end it is useless. One scenario I can see this product be useful in is when you leave your pets alone for a longer period of time.

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