Can the fridge be smarter than a human?

What will the house of the future look like? Today people are surrounded by more and more home appliances that facilitate everyday functioning. We buy more and more gadgets that relieve us in everyday duties. For instance, over thirty-nine million Americans have a smart speaker in their homes. That is around 1 in 6 people. Convenience related to the use of these devices makes us unable to imagine life without them. Self-vacuuming vacuum cleaner- why not? Smart fridge with the functions of a smartphone? Here it is!

The intelligent refrigerator

We have already seen the first smart refrigerators in science fiction movies such as The 6th Day, The Stepford Wives or Total Recall in which they informed about the lack of drink or let leave messages through the touchscreen. Actually, these functions are no longer a figment from science fiction movies but a reality.

There are many models of intelligent refrigerators on the market and demand is constantly growing. But what exactly makes a fridge unique? Let’s look at the advantages of a smart fridge.

“The smart fridge isn’t smart because it opens up new doors and provides you with new experiences. It’s smart because it takes care of things, you’d rather not dedicate brainpower to in the first place.”[1]

 How many times have you gone to the shop and forgot to buy a product that turned out to be necessary to prepare your favourite dish? Or maybe you have prepared too much food to eat it? How often do you throw away products about which you have forgotten, and, in the meantime, they have expired?

Tons of food are wasted every day. The alarming fact is that about the quarter of the food that is wasted in the UK, US and Europe is enough to stop world hunger. Well, modern household equipment such as intelligent refrigerator may be helpful in making positive changes starting from your own household. It can help us to waste less food, manage our groceries, save money and make everyday life a little bit easier.

What’s inside? 

Many models are equipped with a touch screen and wi-fi connection, which allow access to a number of additional functions. Built-in cameras and smartphone connection allow you to see what is inside from anywhere. You can also search for a recipe that requires the use of products that are in your fridge.

What is more, you get a notification about products that will expire soon. This is especially helpful in the conscious planning of grocery shopping, makes us buy less and more reasonable. It is also a huge time saver when it comes to decision making. Thanks to these facilities, it is easier to change our eating habits for the better.

Instead of fridge magnets and stickers: notifications, calendar and notepad functions.

It allows to leave a message for your family and keep there all important information related to family life.

The end of the opening fridge from boredom.

Fridges with a tinted glass panel allow you to see the contents of the refrigerator without opening the door which stops the cold air inside. All you have to is to knock twice.


What is more, intelligent refrigerators are also highly energy-efficient. It is important due to fact that they use electricity incessantly.

For your comfort.

You can also use an internet browser and applications that allow you to order food or even an uber. Due to a function of issuing voice commands, you can easily play music while constantly cooking. The broad touch screen allows to draw, watch pictures or even play the episode of your favourite series.

What’s next?

What will be the next function of an intelligent refrigerator? All that is missing is that it fills up itself.



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4 thoughts on “Can the fridge be smarter than a human?

  1. Avatar Vynnyk Andrii says:

    Fridge is one of the most important pieces of equipment in every kitchen and average person opens a refrigerator up to 20 times each day(15 times after 18 o’clock)This is amazing to have have fridge which looks awesome, remind you what you need to buy to cook your favorite lasagna and even book a taxi.
    Thanks for great post!;))

    • Avatar Sajewicz Marta says:

      I agree that such a refrigerator can be a piece of very useful equipment. Observation on the opening fridge after 18 o’clock is very interesting. I didn’t realize it! 🙂

  2. Avatar Michalewicz Zuzanna says:

    I really love the part about the change of eating habits. Food wastage is huge nowadays and when you get a reminder “Your broccoli will be fresh for the next few days”, not only it helps with groceries but also with decisions regarding what to eat. If you know, that something you paid for is going to go to waste (and you get a specific reminder for that) you are more aware what you’re doing with your money. Maybe it will lead to the decreasing the rate of foods going to waste.

    • Avatar Sajewicz Marta says:

      You’re definitely right. Such a refrigerator can be helpful when it comes to changing eating habits. It not only changes the approach to eating but it also significantly helps in planning purchases, which in turn reduces the amount of wasted food.

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