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Chinese company Royale released world’s first foldable device – it’s called FlexPai and is a mix of a tablet and a smartphone. It has a 7.8 inch screen that you can bend (up to 180 degrees) and use it as a phone – in its “flat” form it looks like a tablet. It was officially launched on the 31st October 2018 in Beijing. The most impressive thing about it is that Royale beat other big companies like Samsung and created this device first – and just for around €1400 you can have it at home!



Apart from the obvious new breakthrough feature of the flexible screen, FlexPai is a mediocre device at best. Many reviewers claim that it’s very chunky, even though it may serve as a phone we cannot exactly put it in our back pockets. FlexPai system Water OS (custom made by Royale)  is also not the best – it supposedly keeps on crashing, opening up random apps, and even changes orientation during the folding process itself. It definitely needs some improvements!

Still, FlexPai is all about the screen – on the official site Royale claims “FlexPai’s screen is virtually unbreakable and extremely durable passing tests where the screen has been bent over 200 000 times”. While most of us probably wouldn’t purchase FlexPai due to its many flaws, it is undoubtedly a breakthrough and we can surely expect more companies coming out with foldable devices. One of the most notable ones is Samsung – it has been long speculated that the tech giant is going to release a foldable phone in 2019 (rumoured to be called Galaxy X or Galaxy F)




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6 thoughts on “World’s first foldable device

  1. Avatar Orłowska Pola says:

    I know that in the near future we can expect the creation of new foldable devices, but we do not know when these devices will be good enough for people to use. I personally would not want to spend money on a device that has defects and is not functional. Maybe in a few years other company will create a foldable device, which will be an upgraded version of Royale one and then it will be a good material for a phone of the future.

  2. Avatar Kovalenko Oleksandr says:

    If they could make a foldable phone that is, when folded, no thicker than a regular smartphone, that would be awesome and worth buying. Even if so, I would be constantly thinking about the fragility of that display. Otherwise it’s useless. A bulky foldable phone is something nobody wants.

  3. Avatar Dzieciątko Julia says:

    I get the impression that Royole company just wanted to be the first at something in order to get famous. Doesn’t it sound cool – “THE WORLD’S FIRST…”? The idea of foldable phones is really trendy now. In 2019 we expect a few huge companies to release foldable smartphones as well (LG, Motorola, Samsung). There is a saying that it doesn’t matter what people say about you, it matters that they say something about you”. Royole may interest customers for a while and they will have their “15 minutes of fame”, but at the end of the day, if the product is poor quality, they will be quickly forgotten.

  4. Avatar Kuchur Dzianis says:

    Honestly, I do not understand people’s enthusiastic reaction to this gadget. The idea of ​​a flexible smartphone is to get a universal device, that is, a compact smartphone in the folded state and a tablet in the expanded one. This product did not implement this idea at all. Technology in generall is very interesting but not in this case. I’m waiting for a future decisions from Sumsung and other giants.

  5. Avatar Marchelewska Karolina says:

    I personally do not get the idea of the phone at all. It has ugly wrinkly plastic screen and hinges and is produced with low quality materials. One of the biggest question marks of the phone is the software. It is breakthrough in terms of technology but has many flaws so probably it will not be a market breakthrough. As it is one of the first foldable phones it is an interesting developments but not very successful.

  6. Avatar Bober Joanna says:

    That sounds like a nice device but my kinda technical question is, if you fold it in a half (like in the picture), does the other part of the screen still working? Because that can be hard to use with touching the other half with your fingers by holding it. you can accidentally open something and it can be impractical in my opinion.
    It looks cool in the pictures, but I think that it’s just a waste of money and it won’t replace our phones as we are used to popular operating systems like IOS or Android which we use everyday.

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