Iphone Xl- failure or a genius move by Apple


On the 6th of January Steve H.McFly‏, one of the most trusted informators about novelties in digital world, has posted a leak about new Iphones. According to that post, a new Iphone will be named Xl and will have 4 unsymmetricaly cameras located on a bulge. This tweet provoked mainly frustration and dissapointment. Steve has conducted a survey and 72% of people don’t like it.

Although, I have to agree that it is not the best design decision, it must have some reasonable backgrounnd, otherwise, it would be useless. Most of the people need basic things of high quality – camera, chats, mail box etc., but this new IPhone creation gives nothing special innovative. But still, few people will like it, for sure, and it may become a niche suggestion, demonstrating company’s individual approach to customers. So, we can assume, that this cameras module will bring huge benefits to the new Iphone. For example, it will have better photo and video abillities. Besides, it will definitely help measure the items with the use of Iphone and will help implement the new application on the augmented reality such as Ar MessureKit.

Yet, it is not worth paying that price for new technologgies neglecting Job’s principals of design. Wasn’t it Apple, I’d say that company has done a big mistake and, taking into account their international situation, they are digging out the grave for themselfs. But, if we speak about Apple, it’s a huge corporation, that until recently was the most capitalised company in the world, they must know what they do. The WSJ reports that Apple is going to introduce 3 new Iphones this year. Most probably it will be analogy of Iphone XS, Iphone XR and this new device.

I think, that some part of Iphone users will buy, approximetly 20% of them, Iphone Xl, because it will defenetly be the most expensive one, personaly I bet on $1599 for the cheapest configurations, and because of its strange design and the features that others Iphones won’t have. Besides, Apple still has strong cult of Steve Jobs that helps them to sell products, even though, they don’t give really different user experience, as they did before.

Personally, I’m waiting for this device, because it’s going to be the most powerfull Iphone ever. It’s a revolution, Johnny!

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2 thoughts on “Iphone Xl- failure or a genius move by Apple

  1. Avatar Głazek Maciej says:

    I don’t think this leak is really what next iPhone is going to look like. These early leaks are often very far from what the final product looks like. Additionally last year many top of the line smartphones had 3 or even 4 cameras in the back, but it really didn’t impact image quality and often it was even worse. I think that two cameras are just enough (wide and short lenses). I think it is more interesting if Apple is going to leave its lightning port technology for USB-C, like they did with new iPad Pro. Also I don’t think they are going to rise the price again. I also think they are going to release only 2 models (basic size and “plus”). I also think they are either improve Face ID or introduce fingerprint reader inside the screen to their new phones. I also suspect that they are going to introduce something new this year, not just refurbish last years products. My last guess is that they are going to change or get rid of the “notch” at the top of the screen.

  2. Avatar Kuchur Dzianis says:

    For some reason I am absolutely sure that the new iPhone will look exactly like this. Although many people now resent the design, they will buy it anyway and this is a problem. Moreover, then all Chinese manufacturers (except Huawei because they have already done this thing) will start to copy this design as it was with the “notch” at the top of the screen.

    However if the situation change this year and people reject a “revolution” from apple, it can seriously strike a company that is already having hard times. They should release something worthwhile in order to overcome the crisis.

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