LG’s leap forward: The rollable 4K OLED TV

LG has shown at the CES 2019 world’s first rollable TV, using OLED technology they managed to roll 65 inch size TV inside a small box with a front facing speaker. When unrolled it looks just like every OLED TV, it still produces same picture quality as high-end TV’s. It is claimed to be tested up to 50 000 rolls up and down. It means that if you turned it on 4 times a day it would last you over 34 years. What’s more the screen shows no stress from rolling what so ever.

When turned off LG’s OLED TV looks just like a piece of furniture, a stylish speaker in grey shade. Turn it on, and the screen will rise from within the box to its full size, as silent as possible. Turn it off, it will descend back into the box. It also has a special option named “Line View”, basically in this mode the screen rises to the 1/4 of its standard high. It has custom UI that’s shows current weather, localisation, you can even play music and descent it completely down! Sound system will interact with your mobile via Bluetooth.

Although it looks just like a gadget, a little reminder of what the future will be- it is certainly not. The LG claimed that it will be available at the second half of the 2019. We still don’t know the price and whether this model will become popular. In particular when it comes to the shops with LG’s second big player – 88 inch screen 8K TV.





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One thought on “LG’s leap forward: The rollable 4K OLED TV

  1. Avatar Bober Joanna says:

    Last year Samsung created technology called “Ambient mode” where you can make a picture of a wall behind the TV and then when it’s turned off it looks almost transparent. To be honest, i like the idea of LG’s rolled OLED TV much more. It can suit any interior design and when not used it looks really minimalistic and cool. However, it won’t be a mass product due to its probably high price and In my opinion it’s too sophisticated for average person. Although, I’m really shocked how LG has taken the market of electronic devices especially TVs. Last year, on IFA 2018 in Berlin they showed their OLED 8K which quality is totally shocking and black depth is on the highest level. Also, NanoCell (LG’s LCDs) will be also available in 8k. The best thing about LG company is that they insist on Artificial Intelligence in their products. Their TVs are already using voice control with ThinQ or Google Assistant. Now it will be possible to use Alexa too!
    My dad really likes tech gadgets so I’m just wondering what this rolled OLED TV price will be. I’m really curious what LG will create next!

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