Digital Transformation to Society 5.0

The world is constantly changing and the technology is evolving. Right about now we are gradually entering the society 5.0, but what is that exactly? To understand what society 5.0 is, first it is important to look back and understand the former ones starting from society 1.0.

Society 1.0 took place during the stone ages starting from the birth of humans. Next was society 2.0 that was focused around agriculture and developing irrigation techniques, beginning from 13,000 BC. Society 3.0 was centered around industrialization such as using mass production in factories and the invention of a steam locomotive. Finally, was society 4.0, which began with the introduction of phones and computers in the 20th century. The time has now come that we are entering society 5.0 which is in a nutshell, a super smart society.

This concept was develop in Japan and now with proliferation of cutting edge technology it can be related to many developed countries in the world. The digital transformation will happen everywhere. This technology provides enormous potential for both daily life use and for work use. It can make our lives “smart” in areas like delivery, transport, home appliances, medical care, management, agriculture, etc.. Imagine drones delivering goods around the world and even to small, unpopulated cities or difficult to reach areas. At home most of devices can be controlled with an AI speaker using voice command. With ingredients present inside a smart refrigerator, it can suggest various meals, monitor stocked food, and warn you when something will be expiring soon. Robots can be used in areas like cleaning, nursing, transport and agriculture. These include cleaning and nursing robots, self driving vehicles and autonomous tractors. Regarding medical care, there will be no need to go out of the house and travel long distances for a simple medical check up. Instead, a doctor can do all the examinations online. Finally, with the use of cloud management, orders, bookings and payments can be made online. With many picky shoppers nowaday, buying clothes will also be much easier when all the measurements, colour, style and design can be input online and the order will be made at a manufacturing factory.

With all of this technology also comes many trials. First of which is that they will of course have to pass various safety regulations. Furthermore, many laws will be introduced which will make such automated devices harder to implement and overcome the authority. However, I believe that with the increase of even more advanced technology all of the smart devices will in no time be utilized on daily basis. Work will be much easier and done more efficiently in both work environment and in daily life. Although many people will argue that digital technology will disrupt their industry and create many issue but I believe in the power of the degital transformation. How about you? Are you prepared for the forthcoming technological revolution?



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  1. Avatar Sajewicz Marta says:

    Society 5.0 provides many solutions in almost every area of life and undoubtedly improves its quality. Through the implementation of intelligent healthcare systems and even robot nurses, it solves the problem of an ageing population in Japan. Such solutions are very much needed in today’s world. It seems in the society 5.0 there are no problems that can not be solved. It’s also very realistic that this concept will be expanded to the whole world which is amazing when it comes to changing our life​ for​ the better.

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