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Some of you may be unfamiliar with what actually CES is, therefore I am more than happy to acquaint you with the world’s biggest gathering place for nerds like us. CES, which stands for Consumer Electronics Show is the largest technology fair, which presents the most innovative breakthroughs and discoveries in the consumer electronics field. The event is held every year in Las Vegas, always in January, at the beginning of the year and attracts people from all over the world, both technology freaks and pioneering thinkers. During the event you are able to to admire more than 4.500 exhibitions showcased by both the biggest leaders in the industry as well as many smaller developers and manufacturers. For 50 years CES has served to present cutting-edge gadgets and attract people who share the same interest and strive for implementing the future today.

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania CES


Here are some of the most interesting devices shown at CES 2019 (8 January – 11 January)

       1. LG’s rollable OLED TV

LG Signature OLED R is the first TV with a flexible screen that can be rolled into a cuboid housing. The device can work in three modes – fully unfolded (65 “in 4K resolution), hidden to 1/4 of the screen (it can display weather data or music player) or completely hidden inside the base (then it acts as a speaker). This structural breakthrough, although initially it will probably be the privilege of the rich, will change the way we use TV sets.

       2. Samsung Space Monitor

Samsung decided to think about the people who have very little space on desks and created a very interesting monitor, which has an adjustable foot like a stand for example from a bedside lamp. We can attach it to the back of the desk and use it the way we like it – push it to the wall like a TV set, set it traditionally or even put it on a desk like a tablet with a stand.

  1. Orii which converts your finger into a mobile phone

Orii is a ring which enables making calls and texting through your bone conduction. It’s the fastest way to send messages without a screen, and what’s more, the most stylish. The ring serves as your voice assistant. It transmits audio into the texts and helps you to receive and make quick calls just by moving your finger. Although its use and design remind me a little bit of commonly used smartwatch, I believe that this concept will be further developing. Maybe in some time with Alexa or Google Assistant?

  1. Intelligent toilet Numi 2.0.

Remember my last post when I wrote about a smart Kohler’s bathroom? Well, one of its elements was a hit in this year’s CES,  namely, Kohler’s intelligent toilet. Numi 2.0 not only has a heated seat and a “personal dryer”, but also a lighting and a speaker, which together build up the right mood. In addition, the manufacturer has integrated its work with Amazon’s Alexa, so you also can have a conversation. The conversation worth $7000.

5.  Walker – advanced, humanoid home robot

Welcome Walker – a Chinese robot created by UBTECH. It is characterized by amazing precision – the robot can easily pour a can beverage into a water bottle and then deliver it, pick up a package, carry a backpack to the wardrobe, play the piano, react to gestures and bypass all obstacles. If that’s not future, then I don’t know what is.

This year’s CES has shown us many innovations in the world of technology. With each following year we get to see more surprising and jaw-dropping gadgets. This is also a great opportunity for big producers such as Samsung, LG or Panasonic to present their work result and attract attention. Annually the event gathers over 180 000 people, who knows, maybe one of you will be next year’s attendant?

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