If your dog is your best friend – does he not deserve a best friend of his own?

Laika allows dog owners to keep track of their pet and can give out treats.

For those of you who have pets, you know how hard it is to let them at home. Some pets may even eat your shoes, your sofa, or even your walls. I know, because mine did. There are many gadgets that offered to solve this problem, some were only cameras, other had speakers, and others again were only food dispensers. None actually fixed the problem. Until now. Laika is a robot (made by a start-up called CamToy), but not any kind of robot. Laika is a companion for you furry friends. It will follow your dog and give him traits. It has a microphone and a speaker, which will let you to talk to your dog and hear him. You can even record him or make photos.

The robot can be fully controlled through your smartphone, this way you will never miss your dog anymore when he is home alone. The interesting part, however, is that you can actually put it on smart auto mode when you are busy. It will follow your dog, play with him, give him treats and even play fetch with him. When the battery starts to get empty, it will automatically go back to its case and charge. When fully charged, it will start playing again.

Many people would ask themselves whether or not their dog will be afraid of Laika, and instead of being a good companion it would be something else to be afraid of. Cnet wrote:

The combination of treat delivery and its ability to move should appeal to many dogs. A representative for CamToy joked that it’s possible for a dog to like Laika more than its owner.

Laika is now available for purchase for around 1700 PLN, however it can still be purchased on IndieGoGo for roughly 1200 PLN. That might sound as a lot of money for many people, including for me. However, when you are ready to pay tens of thousands for premium dog hotels, spa or travelling services, 1200 PLN seems like a no-brainer.

Laika has inspired others, too. Since Laika has managed to raise the goal of 40.000 USD way before the closing date, there have been others trying to do similar things. For example, there is Buddy+ who has almost the same functions as Laika, but without the smart auto mode. Instead, It has a mini-tennis ball launcher that you can use to play with your dog when you are away.

Buddy+ comes with a tennis ball launcher so the dog can play fetch.

However, let us take a step back and look at this from a business perspective. This opens up doors for businesses designed to deal with you dogs, such as dog hotels. Imagine that you let your dog at a hotel on New Years Eve so that you can go to a party. You know your dog is probably very scared and you feel sorry for him. Only the thought of this could destroy the mood for a more sensitive person. Imagine now, that your hotel has one of these robots included in their offer. You could then just open up your phone and get to see how your pet is doing, play around with him or give him something to eat.

Laika is the pioneer, but who knows what will come next?


Please tell me, what do you think about Laika? Would you be tempted to buy one for your own pet? Why or why not?






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3 thoughts on “If your dog is your best friend – does he not deserve a best friend of his own?

  1. Avatar Mohammad Ewelina says:

    Wow, I am such a huge fan of this revolutionary device! My friends have always had this problem of leaving their pupils alone or coming back home only to feed them. Thanks to this work of a start-up company, the necessity to abandon your dog will be undoubtedly more bearable and less painful. What’s more, it will convert into into an actual friend of my dog by being able to play with it and keep its company. It’s amazing that people are not only focusing on the human in terms of technological adjustments, but they start to implement innovations also in each and different aspect of our lives.

  2. Avatar Mohammad Ewelina says:

    I also know that this gadget was put up at this year’s CES and apart from small forward and backward movements, to be honest, it doesn’t do many things. In my opinion it is not that developed yet and along with the cost of around 1500 pln doesn’t constitute the most money-reasonable decision. However being able to connect via an application to the device and the revolutionary solution to many problems make it a must-have gadget for me!

  3. Avatar Gil Jakub says:

    More and more people give up having children for a career. Unfortunately, humans are genetically programmed to have parenthood instinct, due to that many people decide to take care of their pets. The Laika is a good solution for everybody, who hire a person to looks after dog during owners work time. It’s a small price for those, who are able to pay for the dog’s spa for example. Price should not scare dog lovers off.

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