Future Circular Collider

The Large Hardon Collider, based at CERN, is the strongest particle accelerator in the world. Organisation Européenne pour la Recherche Nucléaire plans to build bright new one with better efficiency. 

New model is expected to be 10 times more powerful and 4 times longer than the current one. The Large Hardon Collider is placed in tunnel which has length of 27 km, on territories of Switzerland and France. For now it is the most complex machine ever built by humans. Inside of machine particles are colliding in speed almost the same as speed of light.

Successor to LHC, if became reality, would allow scientists to discover and create variety of new possibilities, alongside with answering some of the bothering humanity questions. The aim of Future Circular Collider would be to explore and seek new subatomic particles. The project forsees first tests to 2050. 85% of universe is called by us as ‚dark’ made of particles that we are unable to see. Thanks to the new electron-positron collider we could implement Higgs bosons into ‚dark’ matter which could result in some breakthrough discoveries.

“The FCC conceptual design report is a remarkable accomplishment. It shows the tremendous potential of the FCC to improve our knowledge of fundamental physics and to advance many technologies with a broad impact on society”- CERN Director-General Fabiola Gianotti

Critics emphasizes that the money spent for building the accelerator could be dedicated to other aims, for example hunger problem or fight with global warming. Supporters claim it will have major influence on developing new technologies and widening the knowledge of primary physics. Meanwhile China plans to open their accelerator, Circular Electron–Positron Collider (CEPC) till the 2030s. There is no guarantee that FCC will be build because convincing stakeholders to invest in it will be surely hard as its predecessor has not lived up to expectations beside discover of Higgs Bosons.

Without new accelerator we will stop exploring universe and what comes next is, we stop to evolve. If we do not evolve we are going to die sooner or later. Looking from this point developing a Future Circular Collider is necessary for ours survival but is it safe? What if our desire to posses answers to all the question will result in end of humanity? What are your thoughts about this ?





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5 thoughts on “Future Circular Collider

  1. Avatar Orłowska Pola says:

    I understand the opponents’ opinion, because people should focus on the current problems of the world, but isn’t it worth discovering new things that can help solving problems and answer many questions? I think that if people have the opportunity to build something new, they should try it, because it can have a good effect.

  2. Avatar Bialik Julia says:

    Great post Karolina! I’d be really impressed if this new particle accelerator would allow people to discover ‘the dark matter’ – we would finally have the answers many have been seeking for years. What will we find? It’s all very exciting!
    Still, I can see why the opponents are loudly voicing their concern – we live in the times of global warming and we should dedicate a lot of our resources to combating it. I reckon we should balance our attempt to save the planet while still being curious and making new discoveries.

  3. Avatar Vynnyk Andrii says:

    In my opinion you are totally right saying “if we do not evolve we are going to die sooner or later”.It is extremely important for humankind to make breakthroughs because nowadays there are a lot of questions science cannot answer yet.I am entirely sure that new collider will help us to get those answers.

  4. Avatar Ryłko Jakub says:

    I presonally think that we are really lucky to live in the 21st century, because it’s amazing how things are changing day by day. Nevertheless, I hope that engineers will find other way to produce such an amount of energy, I mean something which wont be so gigantic and wont take 40 years to be built.

  5. Avatar Garścia Janusz says:

    I remember being obsessed with the Hadron Collider, with the fact that we may get closer to answering those unknown questions to humanity. We need to know how ‘everything’ happened, what’s there to explore how likely are some things to happen. We need to evolve and explore the universe as we can’t just ignore it while being placed in it. There’s so many questions I wish we could answer that it makes me mad when people want to disregard everything that is not connected to either them, making money or the earth.

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