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„Blockchain can do for business the same what internet did for communication”

The general purpose why we want to use blockchain solutions is that we want a fair trading. We want fair interactions without  any „guys” between. First example we have faced  was blockchain in currency system in a form of bitcoin. Later on, the ethereum was on the horizon with it’s concept of „decentralizing everything”.

Next years was a time when people started to speculate on bitcoin and everything became so famous. Geeks all around the world started to create their own platforms based on blockchain and ensuring this one is going to be another phenomen just like bitcoin was. Of course non of launched solutions didn’t become as popular as bitcoin.

Next years of blockchain revolution were focusing on it’s implementation in daily usage and this trend lasts till now. In order to make it widely available for the average user it must be implemented in the small-medium bussines sector.    Such an implementation is possible only if, this technology is accesible and potentialy easy to learn for everyone. Make it understable nad implementable by average owner of the business is what emphasises the key point.

Solution that can potentialy familiarize creating blockchain with wider audience is Hyperledger.

Hyperledger is a platform hosted by The Linux Foundation and constantly improving by innovators from all around the globe in areas of finance, banking, healthcare, IOT, supply chain, manufacturing and technology.

It is challenging to explain what exactly hyperledger is casue it is a platform which consits of many projects that can be defferenciate into two groups of frameworks and tools.

Hyperledger projects are so special, because they allow you to implement blockchain to your organization in much easier way, than any pevious solution.

Before, we talk a bit more about certain projects, I want you to know that their main site is full of  treasury information. There are tables with e.g. community section where you can learn the basics about hyperledger, join a meetup with members or even become a coder in one of their projects. In  resources table you can find webinars, videos, trainings , tutorials on how to use it.

This video shows main projects run on hyperledger platform.



I think it is just worth to familiarize with hyperledger especially, if that is a solution with a great potential to become widely available and usefull in day to day business.




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