Sensor that works underwater BOOM!

One of the most knowable events in techno industry that is called CES was held this month. During the event we were presented lots of new upcomings, and most of them we won’t see in the next years. During this event a new display hardware was presented.

Sensel has introduced a new presure-sensetive display that can work under the water. It has developed technology based on force touch. It identifies not only where you press your phone but also the power of pressing. Moreover, it can measure a lot of touches at the same time.

During the event it was shown how it reacted to paintbrush. It easily detected it! And when it was pressed harder lines, wich it drew, bacame thicker. We also know that every top segment smartphone, that is produced nowadays, has waterproof technology, so it won’t drown, but we still can’t work with it while it is wet. Sensel’s display solves this issue and gives you the capacity to use it. That can indeed solve a lot of problems like:

1. Using it during cooking process. You must be rid of when you are cooking a dish, cleaning some tableware and accidentally someone is calling you or writing you a massage, so you are tying to answer, but your hands are wet so your phone dosen’t obey you and waits till you use a towel.
2. Wearing gloves. With this technology you don’t need to buy special gloves with completly ridiculous prices or to take off your gloves every time you want to change your music. It really makes your life better.
3. Making a selfee under the water.
Although it has a lot of features that are usefull, there is one thing you should take into consideration. In my opinion, it will defenetly react on rain, that is why, this screen almost completly unables compfortable usage under the rainfall. But if they envisage it, the display must be a perfect solution for all top sensoric gadgets in the world!



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  1. Avatar Kaczmarek Robert says:

    This display for sure have some adventages over traditional touch screens but under water wouldn’t it react to the whole screen being “touched” by water ?

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