Google and BBC introducing digital storytelling

The Inspection Chamber on BBC radio, a program that explores a new way of interacting and controlling the story, with a make-your-own decisions spin to it.

The voice assistant, which in this case is “The Inspection Chamber” tells the story of an alien who has been captivated and is being interrogated by a robot. Users play the alien part by answering the questions which are being asked and by doing so, determining the course of the story.

We can tell the inspiration came from immersive entertainment, or more so the interactive aspect of video games.

“We were trying to go for something between a full game and linear radio,” said Henry Cooke, senior producer at BBC Research and Development, in an interview with The Memo. “Rather than making choices about what happens next, like a director, it’s more like you’re a participant, talking directly to the characters.” The Stranger things story telling game is also another example of fun use of a home assistant by Google home.

“Voice is going to be a key way we interact with media, search for content, and find what we want,” said Tony Hall BBC director general.


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