Cancer Vaccines

It is not a surprise for every each of you, that the most common disease nowadays is cancer. It kills over 600, 000 people every year.

We cannot predict it, we cannot avoid. Believe me, one of the most heart-breaking news you can receive today is that you, or somebody from your close circle of communication( family, friends, boyfriend/girlfriend) caught such an illness. Why? We have no medicines to stop it. Humanity is powerless, when it concerns to cancer.

Was powerless.

Surprisingly, but not so much time ago, scientists invented a vaccine, which can destroy (only) cancer cells by identifying mutations, which are unique to every type of the disease. This treatment is used only in case of experiment now, but let’s hope it goes well.

Scientists created a ‚smart treatment‘, which «unlike conventional chemotherapies, limits damage to healthy cells. The attacking immune cells could also be vigilant in spotting any stray cancer cells after the initial treatment.» They used a big amount of specialized equipment while doing researches . It helped them made vaccine destroy only cancer cells by providing medicine with copies of the mutations.

Once Bill Gates said that «the possibility of cancer vaccines began to develop in 2008 when geneticists first published the sequenced genome of a cancerous tumor cell.» But now, this is our obligation to use these knowledge in the right way and help hundreds of thousands people yearly.


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5 thoughts on “Cancer Vaccines

  1. Avatar Turtsevich Maksim says:

    I really hope that scientists will finally release this vaccine and help millions of people around the world to overcome this horrible disease.

  2. Avatar Tryndiak Anna says:

    This article shows once more how helpless we are with regard to such illnesses as cancer and remains us to focus on improving healthcare system!Thank you for this perceptive post:)

  3. Avatar Elbert Thomas says:

    It sounds super promising! Let’s hope that it will heal a lot of people soon.

  4. Avatar Miklashevich Yuliya says:

    Wow! Finally the sientists have succeeded in the fight against this disease! It sounds very promisingly! I think now sick people really got hope.

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