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What a great age we are living in now! There are so many different kinds of technologies that make our life easier. Washing machine makes washing process easier and simple, so that everyone can do it without spending energy and time. The same in business, new apps and devices allow entrepreneurs to spend less amount of money and time on performing important tasks of the company. The best example of such technology is a web conferencing.

Web Conferencing – it’s a new way of organizing formal meetings using an internet and a computer.

The main benefit of a virtual conference is that company don’t need to pay almost anything to organize a perfect meeting. For example, to organize a usual conference you need to order a conference hall ( if your office doesn’t have one ), pay for tickets ( if you was invited on a meeting in another city or country ) and of course bring some materials with important information that are not really comfortable to carry sometimes. But in case of virtual conference, all you had to do is just setup a special software, get yourself a headset and some basic computer skills to be able to download important files.

Another not less important benefit of web conferencing is that its saves a big amount of business time. Time is the most irreplaceable resource and its plays a big role in completing a company mission, so entrepreneurs must save it as much as possible using all kinds of tools.

On the other hand, web conferencing has some disadvantages:

1)Сonnection problems with overseas conferences. If you are living in Ukraine and your partner living in USA most likely that lags will occur sometimes and it will interrupt your conversation.

2)Pretty modern hardware needed, because conference program system requirements are really high.

3) Basic computer skills required to deal with the files that conference members will be sending.

The best example of web conferencing tool can be Zoom. Zoom– cheap and pretty easy in usage, allows us to collaborate with coworkers and clients through using fast file sharing system, video chat and ability to stream your screen.

To sum up, I will say that Web Conferencing is a pretty attractive kind of making  formal meetings. But if your company has the ability to organize conference or fly on the conference to another country, I think you would better do it, because live communicating is much more effective than speaking through the webcam.










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4 thoughts on “Web Conferencing in business

  1. Avatar Nedilenko Oleksandra says:

    Completely agree with you. Live communication is much better, than virtual one, but sometimes obstacles don’t allow us to meet face to face)) I guess, that Skype, Zoom and other apps, created for conferences are almost the best things created in Internet😍

  2. Avatar Gogilauri Irine says:

    I can absolutely agree with you! Face to face meetings are much better and effective as less misunderstandings are involved.
    On the other hand, as Oleksandra mentioned sometimes obstacles doesn’t allow us to be present on the meetings so I think Web Conferences are giving us amazing opportunity to make deals yet not be physically present.

  3. Avatar Miklashevich Yuliya says:

    It reminds me of some popular scenes were the main caracters could negotiate at a distance) Though there are some disadvantages I believe soon there will not be a need to meet each ather to manage anything.

  4. Naik Advait Sachin Naik Advait Sachin says:

    Well first of all i did not expect you to write a blog so fast,
    so you are not as stupid as you look ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).But jokes apart i can agree with you to some extent about the advantages cost efficiency and less time consuming but the problems lie within the technical issues. For instance if the internet goes down and communication with your client is broken,it causes misunderstanding, and the damage caused by it may be the reason for the downfall of your company so i’ll agree to disagree to some extent.

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