Is Netflix doomed?

The subscription-based economy is nothing new for a typical consumer. We’ve all heard and some of us probably own an account on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Prime or Netflix. These are only a few of the biggest players that everyone knows about. The list of services that you can assign a part of wallet every month to goes on and on. However, this time we’ll focus just on the biggest video streaming platforms. That way from tens of thousands of companies we just narrow it down to 5, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Apple TV and Hulu.

Let’s start with the biggest and the first major player in that territory, Netflix. It started as a DVD rental store in 1997. Their innovative DVD mailing technology became a hit. Nowadays their idea seems simple. You go to their website, search a title that you desire, order it, and after a day or two, you find it in your mailbox. However, that wasn’t the case in the late ’90s. Then, after 10 years of a rental massacre on its competitor, Blockbuster, Netflix introduced streaming services. The first of its kind on such a large scale. From a comfortable point of your couch, you could surf through numerous titles of movies and tv shows. Later on, Netflix wanted its share of video producing and started an “Originals” category. Their creations are a huge hit across the globe.

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania netflix vs disney vs apple

Netflix dominated video streaming for almost a decade with their list of customers booming to a whopping number of 117 million. Although that seems like an insane amount of accounts, the company itself is becoming scared. The first time in ten years they didn’t meet their forecast. In 3 months until September 2019, they projected to add 7 million new subscribers, but only 6.8 million started and paid for their account. The question is, should Netflix be worried? Well that depends, although they are still growing, the competition of Apple TV and Disney+ will probably want their share of customers. These two companies are starting their video streaming platform in November and some of Netflix’s subscribers will probably want to migrate.

The fact is, Netflix had a monopoly on streaming for a long time. The competition had to begin sometime. What will Netflix do? Well, for all ofyou parasites that are using someone else’s account I have some bad news. Their plan is to reduce or even eliminate account sharing tradition. How will they accomplish that? That is still unknown but fear the inevitable.

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania netflix account meme


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One thought on “Is Netflix doomed?

  1. Egor Fiodarau Egor Fiodarau says:

    That’s an interesting one.
    Well, I think to comprehend this a bit better it would be healthy to look into Netflix against Blockbuster case.
    Netflix started as a send-in DVD rental company. That meant that you would not need to go to a physical location of Blockbuster (which there were many to be fair) and get yourself a copy of VHS or DVD. Netflix was the first to deliver an instant cinema-like experience with its subscription based online watching service. And what did Blockbuster did? They said “whatever” and tried to implement their own DVD mailing service and even later opened their online streaming website that lasted… about a year. Well, in, I think, 2010, Blockbuster finally declaired bankrupcy. RIP
    What is the takeaway from this example can we make? Either adapt to change SWIFTLY enough and actually COMMIT to it, rather than approaching it in a laissez-faire manner. And I do believe that the Netflix’s time might be coming to an end as the new competitors enter the market while proposing something that Netflix can’t propose.

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