Can videogames help to solve real problems?

The world we are living in now is full of different kinds of gadgets, technologies, mechanized tools that help us to perform our daily tasks easier and better. In my opinion, one of the biggest part of technological progress is taken by videogames. Videogames are specific programs that allow us to imagine ourselves as professionals, chief commanders, special force soldiers, etc. The main aim of this miracle of technology is to help people to drop the stress off their shoulders after working or studying hours. But, what benefits instead of relaxing can person get and give by playing games?

Firstly, I would like to mention that most of the games require skills in performing different kinds of activities. For example, my favorite game DotA 2 requires fast making decision skill, developed hand agility and, most importantly, ability to work in team with your mates. If you are interested in this game, but you do not have such skills, I will confidently say that you will need to develop them – otherwise you will not be able to win.

So, my first point is that games are developing mental skills that are useful in real life. Now, I will try to convince you by using my personal example. I was playing DotA 2 since 2015 and every day I was spending an hour in average on my favorite game. Then, when my first 200 hours of playing DotA passed, I started to notice that I can easily perform some various that I had not been able to do before playing it. I started to communicate with people more tactfully and effectively; also I noticed that some kinds of activities like helping my father with repairing something were no more a problem for me because my hands could repeat everything that he was showing me. Thus, having analyzed this evidence, I can make a conclusion that games are really helpful and help develop skills that will make your life easier.

But, can gamers make a positive impact on our environment? Of course, they can! University of Washington already proved it in 2008 by uploading to the web an intellectual game called “Foldit”. Foldit is a game where players must predict the protein’s structure and then make a new one after that. The main goal of this game was to find the structure of the AIDs protein in monkeys to begin working on the treatment. Scientist were searching for solution of this problem for more than 10 years, but when the game was released, gamers solved it in just 10 days. Because of this example, it easy to say, that games sharpen gamer’s brains to such extent that they can solve the most complicated and challenging real-world problems easily without using special equipment or another tools. 

Most parents will not believe my words about a positive impact of videogames on us and the world, but who knows, maybe the child that is playing a videogame now, will save the world in the future.


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One thought on “Can videogames help to solve real problems?

  1. Avatar Chepinska Sofiia says:

    Thats a controversial topic. Sure, playing Dota 2 might have helped you to improve motoric skills, but there are a lot of factors that can influence that. My point is, there are little to no proof that regular games, like shooters and other may help people with everyday skills. But I will definitely check out “Foldit”, thank you.

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