Is Airbus making a breakthrough in commonness of 3D printing by Neorizon?

Olli 2.0, car printed by Local Motors Industry

Airbus and Local Motors Industries teamed up to create Neorizon, startup responsible for 3D printing. It is heading to develop autonomous mobility. A manufacture opened in Munich is printing drones and self-driving cars.

LMI has got experience in 3D printing. They are doing it since 2007. 3D vehicle parts are also an objective for Neorizon. The goal is to lower the pollution, because printed parts are 100% recyclable. According to Toyota, average car has got 30,000 parts. Every car company would be able to produce it by themselves. Today companies are collecting them from many different manufacturers. The goal is to make 3D printing technology common. Perspective is promising, but there are many requirements for 3D printing to work perfect internationally in every company. Every manufacture must have sophisticated technology and well equipped, educated workers. Also, they should have got similar materials and the same process of printing. It has to be implemented in every factory and repair service.

Every one has got the chance of improving the project. Airbus and Local Motors Industry are opened for many different partnerships. Unfortunately, the cost of introducing this startup to every company in the world is unknown. Of course, it would be hard to do this, but this is a very ambitious and also promising project for an eco-pro future.



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