Plastic waste to a road

Have you heard about a road which made by plastic ? . If not, here I’m gonna show you about 

some interesting topic. Refer to CBS News on 2 November 2019, MacReber a Scottish firm has

invent a manner to recycle a plastic to build-up a road to reduce plastic waste. Because around 

90% of refuse will be taken to landfill or dumped into the sea. 


Above picture is the road which made of plastic wasted. It look no different with an asphalt road 

that we normally used. This road obtain with 750,000 plastic bag and plastic bottle.

Secret ingredient of MacReber is a plastic flakes that are mixed at a plant in Scotland. This 

solution are reduce a lot of used in crude oil.  



MacRebur also claim that their technology is not only to solve the problem of plastic waste but 

also produce the road that cope better with reducing cracks and potholes. Because of properties 

of plastics, In addition the road can be recycle at the end of its lifespan, creating a circular 


Currently MacRebur located in Lockerbie Scotland have think about new project that will make a 

plastic road across the world from highway in England to San Diego.

If this company become well-known I think their can build a lot more of plastic road by people donation, buying, whatever. Firstly I was have some question about how can people reduces and remove the plastics waste, then this company has already satisfy my question. As I see from the content it give much more quality of flexible and much more strong, I personally like the property of plastic road and the idea of recycle plastic waste.


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  1. Avatar Beregovskykh Artem says:

    This seems like a great solution to the pothole problem that usually destroys our cars and leads to accidents on the public roads.

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